Military Dorm
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Description: This whole film is an exhibitionist/voyeur's dream. Once again there are a couple of cute guys going at it only to get caught by a moby-dicked comrade. Alexander has once again matched up the twinky Riu Melo with an obscenely huge cock. When Esteban Paes walks in on Riu making out with Martino Paiva, he's already getting hard and his prick is threatening to tear its way out of his shorts. Luckily, Riu is there to catch it in his mouth. Esteban smacks Riu's face with his cock enough to really get the attention of Martino who's jacking his own dick on the locker room bench next to his cocksucking bud. Riu's equal opportunity, though, and works on his friend's dick too before Esteban sits back and lets both boys go to work on his phenomenal schlong. Once Esteban stands up, though, he makes Martino forward onto Riu's cock and starts smacking his exposed ass with that legendary dong. With some elbow grease and persistence, he finally gets it up Martino's shitter even as Martino tries to get
funny face   :)
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Description: ok so I didnt know the cam was showing a little of my face, wasnt going to post this but it makes me laugh so maybe it will make you laught