Bustin' A Thug 2 - A Day at Vinnie's
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Added: 16 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:05:00
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Description: Enrique lives close by and stops in a couple times a week to get his dick sucked, I don't mind. This 10 min. ''hidden-camera style'' BJ is HOT! This is really how it happens: Thugs need to bust a nut, they cum to Vinnie's, drop their pant's, Get Off & Get Out...Cut & Dry.
Mark Wolff Presents Tristian Scott
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Added: 22 Jan 14
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Description: This week we bring you another WolffPac exclusive and new model discovery. Tristian is a 24 year old stud from Toronto who likes to spend his time working out, staying fit and playing hard. This new 20 min HD video and high-res photo set captures him stroking that beautiful dick to an explosive cum blast ending.
AJF122DT_6 min.mov
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Description: I ask if he would like a closer look and Aiden happily jumps at the chance by slipping off my belt and sliding my cock in between his soft lips. I have met (in the biblical sense of course) quite a few Navy guys in my life and Aiden is definitely one of my favorites. He sucks dick like a real champ and lets my fingers do some exploring of their own. Aiden's pucker tightens so nicely around my fingers as I glide them in and out of his perky ass, I know he is having as much fun as I am. A couple slaps on the ass later, and both of us are ready to blow. Aiden opens wide as I let loose an arsenal of hot white ropes all over his face and into his mouth. I even got a little in his eye, and he cheerily responded that a little cum never hurt anyone. We are going to get along just fine, Aiden. Just fine.
My Load @ 3 min. with "The Man-Handler" - No. 103 [10-13-13] .mp4
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Added: 20 Oct 13
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Description: I'm back again after 3 nights. This time I bring back "The Man Handler"and stick that HUGE Cock into my TIGHT Ass. It made me want to Cum real quick pushing on my Prostate. If you look carefully, you will see my Cock throb twice and drip a little Pre-Cum just before I shoot at 3 minutes into the video. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making this.
A Thick & Gooey Load @ 4 min. - No. 104 [10-17-13] .mp4
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Added: 18 Oct 13
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Description: I'm back again 4 nights after No. 103. My load is HUGE, and I came after using a popper. I hope you enjoy.....
A Gooey Spew in 6 Min. - No. 101 [10-5-13] .mp4
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Added: 14 Oct 13
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Description: After a few weeks break in filming, I am back with this very gooey load at 6 minutes. Of course there is a dildo in me too. I hope you Enjoy.....
No. 100 - A Quick 2 Min. Load [9-19-13] .mp4
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Added: 11 Oct 13
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Description: The Milestone No. 100. This is a rare treat. I was able to CUM without a dildo in my butt, and within 2 minutes. Enjoy.....
Chubbybears multiple analorgasm
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Added: 12 Aug 13
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Description: another multiple analorgasm with my inflatable buttplug. cumshot after 12:30 min. hot comments welcome
Chubbybear with multiple analorgasm and huge cumshot
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Added: 11 Aug 13
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Description: ATTENTION: Very NOISY mouning! First time ever I had this13 min. multiple analorgasms with soft and hard cock (7:30 min). Final orgasm with cumshot at 13:35 min. With replay slow motion cumshot. Hot comments welcome. Hope you enjoy this vid like I did.
No. 75 [7-27-13] Play & Cum in 7 + Minutes
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Added: 29 Jul 13
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Description: Back again 4 more. It took me about 7 min. 2 cum, Butt it's all in 1 take..... Pics will follow soon.....
No. 68 [7-17-13] A Big Load in 7 Min. .mp4
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Added: 29 Jul 13
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Description: I'm back. And with all new stuff. The Mic works like it should, and I cum huge in 5 minutes. Pics will be posted soon.....
Stripshow wanking cumshot 21yo - cumshot on 11:30 mail to: netscrollathotmaildotcom
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Description: You'll see my cumshot on 11 Min 30 sec. Send me a message to netscrollat*******dotcom and tell me what you think about me. Stripshow wanking cumshot
Video 44 [6-21-13] A Nice 3.5 Day Load (Longest Video So Far) .mp4
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Added: 22 Jun 13
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Description: Here is another Hi-Res video 3 1/2 days after Video 43. Since I return to work Friday night for 3 nights, I wanted to pump out a load, and not wait 3-4 more nights to do it. This one is my longest yet at a little over 9 min. and was a difficult cum, butt, I did shoot a nice load (Surprised Me) onto the green plastic card I found at work. I am hoping that some day someone leaves a comment on my profile, or my videos. I would love to hear your feed-back, or ideas for future videos.
Video 39 [6-8-13] - Pumping Out a 6 Day Load with Mr. Night-Stick .mp4
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Added: 10 Jun 13
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Description: It has been 6 days since I busted a nut, so I was very horny. I introduce you to "Mr. Night Stick" another of my favorite toys. It's 26" long and 4 1/2" around and made of wood. I hold it with my feet while I fuck myself with it. When I cum, I shoot into my jacking hand and smear it all over my softening cock. This is one of my longer videos at 5 1/2 min and shot in high resolution. Enjoy..... There will also be some pictures from this session in the Pics folder when I get a chance to post them. Please leave me a comment sometime too.
Horny Straight Wrestler
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Added: 15 May 13
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Description: my horny straight wrestler fucking me, checkout my website for the full 20 min vid!
Sex in the Break Room
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Added: 06 May 13
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Description: Jimmy took a nap in the break room. He decided to get a bit too comfortable by taking off all his clothes. Jason, his co-worker, found him and got all horny over Jimmy's hot body. They have about 45 mins to get a good fuck before everyone goes to lunch.
Seriously large cum shot
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Description: 1 min of jerking and then a seriously large cum shot. Nice to unload. Enjoy! Feedback welcome!
5 mins of Cum
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Description: One of the best things about StraightNakedThugs is the unexpected free bonuses! Not only does StraightNakedThugs faithfully update at least twice a week, they also frequently add free bonus photo sets and videos of personal interviews, behind the scenes photos and videos, hot, sexual bloopers and collections of raw cum shots! This is a bonus video of 11 guys and 11 cum shots because sometimes you don't want to wait to see the cum shooting from a hot straight guy - you need a quick cum fix! Take a free tour now of real, straight naked amateur skaters, punks, juggalos, cowboys, rednecks and thugs. StraightNakedThugs offers nearly 60 hours of unrehearsed, hot, straight naked guys cumming in solos, duos and groups. These are the guys you pass on the street everyday and always wanted to see naked, hard and having an orgasm! Tour the models now and see who you might now and cum join the gang today! This video is just a small selection of the guys that are waiting for you at StraightNakedThug
finishing shot
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Added: 22 Aug 12
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Description: Finally got the damn cam to work after 20 min of stroking and just could not hold back any longer.
Phone Fuck
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Added: 20 Mar 12
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Description: Poor quality, I know. But what a fuck!! I was 23, and this hot man POUNDING my ass for four hours. In the middle, his mom called and he answered the phone! He carries on a four-min conversation without stopping the fuck, only dropped the phone once ;). Pretty amazing times ... oh yeah I was a noisy bottom back then sheez!
Unbound Bears 2
Category: Bear / Hairy
Added: 07 Mar 12
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Duration: 0:01:08
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Description: Two Bears Begin Bound, but soon they are Unbound... Again! Five Bears doing what Bears do best, fucking, sucking and eating cum! Featuring Pooch McGee, Sam Taylor, Big *********** and TBear, and introducting Dick Smith! Approx Run Time: 50 min.
Category: Cum / Sperm
Added: 12 Feb 12
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Description: This is a 14 min clip that we found in a small batch of DVDs. I put it online for you because the cumshot is truly spectacular!
Fully Taking Fisting Dildo
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Added: 19 Dec 11
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Description: 6 min of stretching and fully taking 3 inch thick sex toy, anyone wanna try fist me, I live in West London UK.