Stany Falcone Fucks Enzo Milano
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Added: 24 Jan 14
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Description: Stany Falcone is known in Belgium to be a big partygoer and not hide it! He loves to dance, drink, and have fun. Unfortunately for Stany, unlike some of you "party peeps," he wakes up with one of those hangovers that leaves you asking "did anyone get the license of that truck than ran me over." His friend Enzo Milano tries to reason "Stany stop drinking, and he may very well have fun without the *******." Well, Stany tends to get annoyed when someone gives him that "you don't need to drink so much" lecture. Not in the mood to listen, Stany decides in order to silence his friend, he'll shove his cock in Enzo's the mouth. I get the impression watching this video that Stany is still ***** because he must have got confused on which end does the "verbal" talking!
Leo Helios Fucks Enzo Milano
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Added: 17 Jan 14
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Description: Once a week on every Thursday, Leo Helios has a regular 3PM rendevous with Enzo Milano at the old abandoned house. This serves as an escape for handsome and sexy looking Leo and allows him to indulge in his "other" sexual desires. "Man on man" sex. The meeting between these two men is strictly business. Enzo is to be there ahead of time wearing only a jockstrap with sport jacket and down on all 4's waiting for Leo's arrival. As the scene opens, Leo walks into the room and up behind Enzo unzipping his pants exposing a beautiful uncut cock. It's right down to the action, no foreplay, just pure "balls to ass." Standing Enzo up against the wall, Leo pounds his ass and we hear "fwap, fwap, fwap" and gets harder and faster, louder and louder. This goes on for quite sometime and then we see Leo with his back to the wall with Enzo on his knees sucking that gorgeous cock. I think I have a new favorite :) Leo is just my kind of guy! As Leo gets close and ready to conclude this weeks rendevous, E
Sneaker Freax IV
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Added: 08 May 14
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Description: In four scenes and two bonus clips twelve horny, sporty lads ****** their willing victims to suck at length their cool sneakers, socks and feet: Tarek has it off with Tobi who must at first lick Tarek's hefty feet, and then his big fat thing before getting taken really hard, until Tarek shoots his load twice. Bonus-Tracks: Live Shooting at Club Depot Milano and Peto und Jaden from “KALLAMACKA” (Sockspecial)
Urs Milano and Steven Phoenix
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Added: 26 Apr 13
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Description: Urs Milano and Steven Phoenix and hooked up in Barcelona and these horny bears put on a hell of a show for the Bear Films cameras. Enjoy this sneak peak of the upcoming "Bears of S****" DVD featuring six scenes of furry, burly, Mediterranean beasts boning sucking and shooting their sticky loads. Steven and Urs suck cock and rim each other out, and Urs begs for Steven's fat cock. Steven rams his cock into the Italian's hairy hole until he's close to climax, and he shoots his creamy load all over Urs' furry belly.
Breeding Party 4
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Added: 17 Mar 13
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Description: If you truly enjoy unscripted sex parties, you've came to the right place. Alan Gregory, Joey Milano, and Kamrun have all done work with us before. As we were going through model applications for our next sex party, we seen that these 3 love bareback parties. We asked them to direct it all, we record the action. They loved the idea. This is the outcome. A sex party that lasted nearly an hour and a half, little editing, real action, cum swallowing, double penetration, hot blowjobs, and even loads shot in asses...