Fratmen Jonah and Fratmen Micky sucking off eachother
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Description: Frat guys Jonah and Micky sucking hard eachother's cocks. The guys obviously enjoy eachother's company and the session is rather steamy!!!
Robin Few and Micky Shut
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Added: 19 Jan 14
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Description: Long-time fuck buddies Robin Few and Micky Shut are taking a break from a hectic schedule. Between school and work they barely have time to see each other! Which is why they're in the woods, relaxing. Micky teases Robin with a blade of glass, a kiss, and a blowjob. Robin soon finds himself on his knees, servicing Micky's big, uncut cock. After trading a few more times, Micky persuades Robin into a raw fuck near an abandoned outhouse. There, Robin sticks his ass out and Micky shoves his big dick inside the twink's sweet, pink and hungry fuckhole. The two move to the ground where Robin rides Micky, his own dick bouncing up and down. But Micky is the kind who likes to drive so they switch yet again, laying on their sides, Micky pumps Robin until he's ready to reward his buddy with an enormous cum facial.
Workers CUMpensation
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Description: "Nicolai Rivera and Micky Coolio exchange dick-licks before Nicolai goes to work on filling Micky's hole. Dominik Trojan's ******-cock is truly a feast for the eyes. Although Jay Renfro's throat might be challenged by his 9"" monster, his slightly hairy yet tender ass is perfectly positioned to take Dominik's jackhammer. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and boyishly adorable Jerry Harris takes a work break with horny, hung, and handsome Ricky Valentino for a mid-day tabletop romp. Igor Rusk and Clive Harper swap some spit before Clive goes down to inspect Igor's fuck stick. Igor then proceeds to raw-slam Clive's tight rump. Billy Dexter and Georgio Gracia find Mike Green pulling on his hefty piece These three studs demonstrate the more practical uses of a ladder, which your local helpful hardware man is not likely to. This job isn't completed until Marko Solero and Ruben Litzky do some bareback finish work in the bonus scene."
Micky Collio and Nicolai Rivera
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Description: Nicolai and Micky make good use of the ladder in the room to ensure their anal interaction is the deepest and hardest possibly. They fuck so hard that even you'll be feeling it by the time the video's over.
Twins and Trent Fratmensucks
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Description: Fratmen Ajay and Trent know that a workout is always better when you have a committed workout buddy. They both have the tight, ripped, muscular bodies to prove that! When Ajay's twin ******** Micky was in town, we couldn't resist putting them together for another amazing gym experience. Ajay, Micky, and Trent begin with a very casual workout in the nude. These guys are so comfortable around each other, they don't mind a little naked company. It isn't long though, before Mick and Ajay pounce on the opportunity to give Trent a hot rub down. Taking extra care not to miss any part of Trent's body, Ajay and Micky take turns caressing everything and sucking Trent's fat cock. Watching this, you'll wish you could take his place! Trent, being the Fratmen he is, returns the favor, and it isn't long before these studs are stroking 3 amazing cocks together. The resulting cumshots are amazing, and Trent seals the afternoon with a gentle kiss.