Michael Von Steel Solo
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Added: 12 Aug 09
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Description: Michael Von Steel is one of the hottest men I've ever laid eyes on. As soon as he sent me his picture I knew I had to bring him in and put him in one of my movies. But, like all new guys, he had to audition first. No matter how hot, if they can't get it up in front of the camera I can't shoot them. But there was never any question that Michael could get it up. He's a true exhibitionist who loves showing off his gorgeous body. When I noticed he didn't have a tan line, I asked him if he went to nude beaches. He said he just laid out naked on his apartment roof. I asked if any of his neighbors could see him and he just smiled and nodded his head. Wooof!
Michael Von Steel and Calix Milan
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Added: 23 May 09
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Description: At 6' most people wouldn t consider me short. Standing in-between Michael Von Steel and Calix Milan I certainly feel that way. These two studs are sequoias! After introducing them I step aside to watch but within minutes Michael asks for some assistance blowing Calix. How could I say
Jude Collin Solo
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Added: 03 Mar 09
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Description: Jude Collin (Trevor) is back for the “fif****th time”. After his scorching hot scenes with Michael Von Steel, Seth Sweet, and myself to name a few, we get back to the basics in this steamy solo scene. Jude slowly undresses and shows off his young, smooth body for you. Watch him tug his long 8” tool and finger his tight little hole till he can't hold it in any longer and cums all over my black leather couch.
Michael Von Steel and Joey Trilliani
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Added: 25 Feb 09
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Description: Ever dreamed of being a teacher to a hot straight hunk? Watch as Michael shows Joey how to really be with a man. Joey proves to be one hot student as he jumps into the action and takes control. Joey s passion ignites as he touches, kisses, and fucks his teacher, Michael. You ll agree Joey earns an A+!
Jude Collin and Michael Von Steel
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Added: 15 Oct 08
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Description: Two screen legends are united at last - this is like Tracy and Hepburn, Gable and Lombard, Liz and Dick - and speaking of dicks... There are a couple of fine specimens here and they happen to be attached to a couple of great performers, who suck, kiss and put on a great show. Then they're joined by their special friend - that would be me - and you've never seen so much sucking in your life. There's even an attempt to get both dicks in my mouth at once. After that, Jude and Michael enjoy a lively fuck fest and mutual j.o. scene. Needless to say, this is one movie with a happy ending.
Michael Von Steel and Brad
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Added: 01 Oct 08
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Description: You might think a broken foot set in a hard cast might crimp someone's style in bed. But when that guy in the cast is Michael Von Steel, you'd be wrong. And with Southern stud Brad joining him, it just makes the action that much hotter. These two guys aren't about to let a cast get in their way, not when they clearly have the hots for each other. So it's non-stop passion, start to finish, right down to the near-simultaneous cum shots.