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Description: This week we change the rules of the game on, as we discover a darker side to one of our polished business Execs. Wilfried Knight makes his big debut as the MAP business man, with the dirty secret. When the building is empty and the doors are all locked, Wilfried undresses from his expensive suit and changes into his custom-made leather gear and once he is ready and his ****** is pumping, he opens the secret door behind his office library, to reveal a secret padded play room. And in the centre of the room a bewildered Issac Jones, bound to a chair and at the mercy of his captor. What fate awaits him? Who will finish on top in this red hot Suit Vs Leather encounter?
Men At Play - The Shrink II
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Tags: menatplay men at play suit tie fetish british fucking professionall chess Christian Alexander Ross Hurston fucking office doctor med medical psychiatrist psychologist

Description: When your next patient on the couch is Ross Hurston you just know its not going to be a normal session, after all his reputation now preceeds him wherever he goes. So when he turns up for his appointment and explains to Dr Christian Alexander that he hasn
Men At Play - Your Move
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Added: 24 Mar 09
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Tags: menatplay men at play suit tie fetish british fucking professionall chess Starring Ted Colunga Eric Lexis

Description: It may be the MAP gentlemens club but not all members behave like gentlemen as is proved by Ted Colunga who takes advantage of Eric s ignorance of chess to control the game, and trash his novice oponent. But when Eric realises this and leaves upbruptly,
Men At Play - Cuffed
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Tags: men at play menatplay David Bathory Danny Starr gay suit and tie british professional tailored clean cut clean-cut muscle sucking fucking rimming ***gie riding

Description: When David clapped eyes on the hot young maintenance boy and asked for his number he didnt quite realise what he was getting himself into. Little did he know that the seemingly shy faced boy had a kinky side, so when they arrange a secret encounter in the
Men At Play - Touch
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Added: 21 Feb 09
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Description: As soon as Andreas spots a half naked Jed in the chill-out area of the spa, he immediately sets his sights on him. So when he positions himself face down for his massage, Andreas grabs his chance and bribes the masseur into giving them some privacy. But u