Colt Fucks Brandon
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Description: I was a little nervous about this scene because Colt had only had one prior scene with a guy and he was obviously nervous. Then throw Brandon in the equation with his adorable face but he obviously didn't know what he was signing up for. Well the greatest thing about this work is that you get to try out new things and witness guys pushing their comfort zones. M As far as I'm concerned, Colt is one of the hottest models we've filmed here at Southern Strokes. Not only is he hot but he is smart and a really good guy. That's what you have to love about these boys raised in the south. Just take a look at Colt's face and you can watch him find that happy place and kick back and enjoy Brandon worshiping his body.
Colt McGraw Fucks Tyler West
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Description: I love that Tyler is so hot and he knows it yet he just has this open and easy going way about him. We were all sitting around the fire pit the night before and Tyler was taking a survey of the cock sizes sitting around the fire. He is packing almost 8 inches of thick meat so he is allowed to request at least that much when he is getting fucked. Tyler was so turned on at getting another round with Colt that his cock was throbbing and rock hard the entire session. I understand how it can be difficult staying hard with a huge tool stretching your hole but it is such a fucking turn on when a bottom rocks a hard on while he is getting fucked. Tyler took control so that he could direct Colt and his huge hard cock into the right positions. We told Colt to just relax and let himself go so I guess to him that meant fuck the living shit out of Tyler as long and hard as you would like. Now don't get me wrong, Tyler loved every inch of Colt's cock as it was going so deep that he could feel
Blowing Colt
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Description: I personally think that a hot guy giving a hot guy a blow job is as good as it gets. My favorite Southern Strokes' videos are the straight boys that are ready and willing and filming their first real thug on guy sex. The minute he took his shirt off, I knew we were walking down that road with Colt. I love to tie a boy up and blindfold him when it's his first time. As you can see by Colt's throbbing hard cock, it's a major turn on for them not knowing what coming next. The only thing that makes this even better, is throw in a hungry hottie named Tyler West with some of the best oral skills a man can find. Colt not only didn't say a word but he barely moved a muscle. It is such a fucking turn on watching Tyler naked with his hard cock flapping as he swallows Colt's massive manhood. Tyler started licking and kissing the helpless Colt's neck as he worked his way down to Colt's cock and balls.
Cotl McGraw
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Description: Colt is a little guy standing just a little over 5'7” tall but man he is built. He has one of those bodies that is just made for body building. He spent most of his youth doing competitive gymnastics so that certainly hasn't hurt the shape of his body. Just wait until you see Colt in action. His body really is amazing and he has a huge cock to go along with it. Colt was extremely uncomfortable and nervous but this 21 year old is confident and knows exactly what he wants out of life. He quickly put aside the fear and put on his game face and stood in the bathroom fully clothed so we could all watch him strip and take a shower. Colt is a cocky son of a bitch which makes him even hotter than he is. This was Colt's first time doing anything with another guy around, let alone an audience.
Zack McGraw and Sebastion Kain
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Description:  Ive known Zack for ages but he never knew about my dark side or how much I fancied him. Well I was staying over one night at Zacks, and after a little