Blake, Hawk, Matt and Kamrun
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Description: The third scene starts off with Blake doing what he was born to do; taking raw cock into any hole possible. This time he is on his knees with Matt Sizemore, Kamrun, and Hawk Mcallister surrounding him, shoving their meat in his mouth and hands. After getting his men nice and hard with his mouth, Blake is now happily ready to open up and take more raw cock into his sore pink hole. Hawk is the first to thrust into the pig bottom, fucking him long and good, before passing the torch to Matt. Rowdy, followed by all the other guys from the previous scenes, begin to once again trickle in, wanting seconds, and begin fucking Blake again. Rick shoves his elephant-trunk-sized cock in Blake, as the bottom screams out in a mix of agony and pleasure as Shawn climbs on the table and fucks Blake's face. Blake then takes to the black leather fuck-swing as all the tops circle around and begin to jerk off, hungry for a turn at his insides. With his legs spread wide and open for business, Blake continu
Young Tall Twink Michal
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Description: Michal McAllister is a super young twink with a really nice cock. Michal is a sweet and horny boy who likes gay sex and suck huge cocks.
Muscle Jock Fucks Hungry Twink
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Description: Strike while the iron is hot is what we thought after Michal McAllister's last scene. And that was so hot we thought Michal was ready to see if he could handle the buff young Hayden Colby. Michal has always wanted to make out with a muscle boy but was initially intimidated by Hayden's pictures. But once they met and got to know each other a bit, all apprehension vanished and Michal was ready to pounce. Michal's sexual energy was infectious and soon Hayden was pounding Michal's ass the way it was meant to be pounded.
2 Twinks Fuckfest
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Description: When slim twink boy Michal McAllister told us he wanted to do a duo, we wanted to make sure it was a great experience for him so that he would ask for more. So we arranged it for Michal and Lukas Wild to start exchanging text messages and when Michal found out that Lukas was a truck driver that sent his libido into overdrive. But he wasn't the only one. Lukas was so taken by this pretty boy he wanted us to shoot the scene at his house so that he could get Michal used to the idea of being in his bedroom. There was none of the usual awkwardness we often have when we arrange for complete strangers to have sex. Both guys seemed perfectly comfortable with each other and their personalities fit like hand in glove. What Lukas liked was Michal's aggressiveness for going after what he wanted. And what he wanted was Lukas' cock in his ass. What Michal remarked on with great appreciation after they were finished was Lukas' hard driving top style. Not too hard but not to soft. Lukas fucked just ri