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Description: Riley Tess go beyond the bounds of decent as Riley bends over the morgue slab and takes Matt's fat, stiff dick deep inside his hole
Matt Brookes and Mackenzie Cross
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Description: No hole goes unstuffed when Matt Brookes is on the scene. We've been shooting this stud for nine years ( he took our porn cherry), and no wonder we keep coming back this thick dicked sex crazed guy always delivers. He's got a thick veiny dick and a heavy load of jizz, Mackenzie is a slim, tanned, totally horned up sub boy and he's ready to take anything Matt can slam at him.
Matt Brookes and Robin Fanteria
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Description: After a hot sauna it's good to cool off in the shower, but when Robin and Matt spot each other things start getting all hot again. The plunge pool doesn't cool them much either and only a hard fuck will release the pressure building like steam in their hot bodies. Robin can't wait to wriggle his hole over Matt's thick uncut dick, and push back until it's all the way inside him. With Robin's tight, muscular arse gripping his pole, its not long before Matt is bursting to spray his seed. The fluids are flowing and the guys are lapping them up in a steamy session at London's most famous sauna...
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Description: Matt Brookes is spying on his sexy, young co worker - Mackenzie, with a hidden camera under Mackenzies desk, Matt's getting an eyeful of Mackenzies juicy uncut dick, and very soon, Mackenzies getting a throatful of Matt's big, uncut dick. Matt pumps Mackenzie's hot, too-tight hole, but this top, foot fetishist wants to blow his steaming load all over Mackenzie's smooth, pale feet.
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Description: Tied up helpless and looking particularly yummy in his birthday suit, Matt Brooks cops a flogging from the sadistic Ashton Bradley in this video. But if he thinks that's where this ordeal ends, just wait till he gets the throat fucking that's coming for him.
Rent Boy, King of the meat rack
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