Prisoner # 08162014s14
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 22 Nov 14
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Duration: 0:02:06
Tags: masturbation cells long term confinement boots masks Iron Lockup

Description: 08162014s14,With time to kill one of our prisoners takes to teasing the other's cock, sometimes jacking hard, sometimes teasing lightly. He squeezes and stretches his balls, polishes his head, and tickles his shaft.
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 23 Nov 14
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Tags: Brown-Haired Solo Masturbation Slim Brown Eyes ****s And Twinks

Description: Anton,Anton is the epitome of twink goodness. The stunning 18-year-old strips off to give us a peek at that hot body, before groping at his cock through his underwear. Then the real fun begins.