Christopher Swallows His Juicy Cum
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Description: "The newest addition to our brave heroes is Sea Bee Christopher. He is a hairy, masculine, tattooed guy, just out of the Navy 5 months ago, who just happens to have lots of fun sex stories with MEN! As a treat for us Christopher wore his uniform to tell us stories about getting head in the roads of Guam, sneaking into barracks to bend over and fuck his commanders, then meeting up with his comrades to have hot fuckfests. What a hero indeed! Christopher pulls out his hard cock through his unbuttoned pants before even undressing. His HUGE, thick 9 inch cock eagerly comes to life as he strokes himself. Slowly removing his fatigues and jacking off all the while, Christopher gets naked for his dirty deed. He gets on top of the couch, spits on his fingers and inserts them into his tight, pink hole. After a few hot moments of him playing with his ass, he lies back down on the couch to blow his long awaited load. After jerking off for several more minutes, Christopher is finally ready to unleas