A Step In the Right Direction
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Description: Guess who calls us for some work, Shinji. He was here a while ago, jerking, but this straight boy wanted to come back to JapanBoyz.com for more. We paired him with Yura who just worships boys. This video's not about romance, but it does show just what can happen under a skilled mouth and hand. As Yura works on Shinji, you can tell he's enjoying it, or at least his already hard cock is. Up and being blown, Yura also massages the boy's very sensitive nipples. And when his cock is deep throated, Shinji begins to moan. Yura puts his partner on his knees, jerking him before adding even more "stimulation." With precum oozing out and adding to the arousal, the pair gets comfy, as Shinji lays his head on Yura's shoulder. Watching Shinji closely, notice how he doesn't really want to look, but Yura has him on the edge; Shinji keeps one eye on his cock and the other one shut. Close, the boy starts pumping his hips. As he gives out a shout, Shinji blows a huge load that leaps into the air and land
TJ The Next Level – 20 Dollar Blow
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Description: After a dubious story about fucking some gorgeous bitch he works with, T.J. strips down and starts to massage his meat...When T.J. stands up at the end of the bed and makes me suck his dick like last time, I take his whole 8.5" down my throat (he watches me the whole time!). T.J. scoots back on the bed and I come over to his side with Mr. Bill pokin' out and when he starts stroking it I say "Suck my cock!". T.J. says "No!" so I say "20 bucks more!" and he shrugs and goes down on me...He makes a valiant effort but I let him off the hook and soon he's blowin' a massive nut on my face! He seems cool with it and after he gets paid and picks out a new 'wifebeater' from my draw, he agrees to come back next week.
Horny Slavic twink milks a rod of his sleepy lover
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Description: Feeling cum-thirsty this smooth Russian boy wakes up his twink lover with tender kisses and a back massage eager to work his hard love muscle too. Eventually the guy rolls this hunk over to munch on his sturdy dick until he can get some creamy mouthwash.
Muscles, tattoos and JERKOFF!
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Description: Leaning back on the sofa, he massages his meat through his cammies. He takes off his shirt and reveals giant muscles covered by colorful ink. He's ready to whip out his military cock and starts stroking; his giant biceps flexing with each motion of his hands. He lays back to really enjoy himself, edging his cammies all the way down to his combat boots. His schlong grows as he caresses it. Standing, he bends over with his massive ass up in the air, still stroking. He reaches back and spreads his round ass cheeks to reveal a perfectly puckered pink hole. With his eyes tightly closed, he works his index finger into his sphincter, massaging his prostate from within. A little more rectal pleasure and he's ready to unload. His cheeks become more flushed as his pleasure juices start to swell to the surface. Several thick pellets seep out of his stiff soldier, dripping down his shaft and into his dark brown bush.
Sexy uncut stud jerks to completion
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Description: He rubs up and down his chiseled pecs and the inside of his inner thigh, making his way up to his growing penis. He grasps onto his shaft and massages the length of his cock, causing his balls to bounce up and down out of the water. He lifts up his legs a bit and starts to rub and squeeze on his perky bubble ass cheeks. Walker then gets up out of the water and bends over, exposing both full bare man cheeks. He tugs and lifts up on his glutes, briefly revealing his tight pink man hole. Walker splashes some water on his abdominals and wets up his tool. Walker strokes his meat with both hands in circular motions, and then sits down above the bathtub. He quickens his motions and his breathing and moaning also increase. His balls slap against his fingers as he jerks harder and harder. This sexy boy is reaching his climax and I cannot wait to see his hot goopy load. With a few load moans, his trapped cum erupts from his penis tip and splashes onto his washboard abs.
Muscle daddy barebacks ink'd boy hole
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Description: Cam Cristou has hurt his lower back, and he really needs someone to give it some attention. Who better than his buddy Shay Michaels to give him some hands on action to sooth those ****s? Cam turns over and gets on his stomach so Shay can get a better look at the area that is bothering him. Shay mounts Cam and gets right to work exploring his back with his thick hands and giant arms. Cam is begging for more as he holds Shay in tighter. Then Cam jumps onto his back and lets Shay lube his hole up before he slides his raw thick meat into Cam's hungry hole and starts doing some deep tissue massage. Cam decides he's ready for a good pounding and jumps on all fours so Shay can start drilling his thick cock in deep.Then Shay slides back in and lets the last drops loose in Cam's hungry hole before turning him over so Cam can release his own load all over his abs. His creamy ass makes sloshing noises Shay fucks the cum right out of Cam - all over his chest and up to his shoulders.