Master Harvey: You Love Me
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Added: 13 Oct 12
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Description: In Master Harvey’s own words: “Martin has disappointed me. It's never a good idea to disappoint me. I'm a mixed martial artist, having trained and fought over in Thailand, and I have broken many faces and knocked out many opponents. With Martin's recent mistake, he has now become my next opponent and I'm going to batter him. All the while his masochistic pencil dick will be throbbing hard!”
Getting the full Treatment
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 May 12
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Duration: 0:02:30
Tags: fisting urethal expansion pissing fucking dildo toys rubber tatoo man muscle berlin gay fetish porn video

Description: Frank is a tough bloke, tattooed and really manly. Nevertheless, he is a fully submissive rubber pig. Macho fucker Harley Everett takes over these passive masochist and demotes him to brainless fuck-meat. Pissing, fucking, fisting, dildo treatment and urethral expansion: Frank gets the full gay fetish program - really crass!
Nomad is diagnosed as a masochist and he is locked up for his own good
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 23 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:04:00
Tags: gay bdsm bondage bizzare fetish spanking leather extreme sadomaso bondage slave

Description: Nomad is diagnosed as a masochist and he is locked up for his own good and Dak pulls out the electricity and things get interesting after midnight when theres no one around to hear Nomad screams of pleasure
Restrained by ropes as I stomp his balls while I jack off on his *****.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 05 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:01:17
Tags: Ball Bashing SM Sadist bondage BDSM CBT dungeon extreme masochist rough kick restraints ball busting leather mask stomp kinky fetish

Description: I have a longtime dungeon player of mine tied down with rope as I stomp and kick his swollen balls while I jack my cock getting off on the sounds of his punishing *****.
CBT and Paddling of hot gagged restrained dude.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 03 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:02:11
Tags: muscular Sadist SM Ball Bashing bondage big big legs BDSM CBT dungeon extreme leather mask masochist testicle punishment leather paddle restraints mature muscular legs real men spank big big thighs big big butt

Description: I paddle the hell out of my buddys hot bubble butt and squeeze his balls while jack off. Watch his big muscular thighs and big butt writhe and flex as the punishment gets more extreme.
CBT Young stud with huge cock gets balls squeezed in my vice as I jack him off till he cums.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 02 Nov 11
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Duration: 0:02:27
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Description: I have this hot young stud restrained in my dungeon. I jack his huge cock as I squeeze his balls really hard in my vise until he cums. Then I punch his balls until I jack off and get my nut.
CBT Hot hung smooth muscle stud has balls hammered and punched by another hot smooth muscle stud.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 23 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:04:18
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Description: Two of my hottest, muscular, smooth dungeon players in a session I will not soon forget. The sub wants it softer, but that only prods his punisher to up the intensity on his balls as he thrashes to get away.
CBT sadistic vacuum pump party with very muscular dad and his two very hot and muscular boys.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 22 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:01:42
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Description: I love playing with these hot good looking muscle boys in my dungeon. They think the vacuum pumping feels good in the beginning. That is until I take charge and turn it into a sadistical art.
CBT Electro session young dude restrained in leather and juiced until he cums.
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 14 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:04:11
Tags: CBT electro electro stim testicle punishment bondage leather SM BDSM Sadist masochist sadism masochism

Description: That is me in my dungeon. I have a hot muscular dude bound in leather and hooked up to my modified relaxacisor. I keep uping the juice until he cums. Then I'm so worked up from the session I jack a load all over him.
CBT first timer is a hot muscular dude with big cock is put through a tough testicle  punishment rou
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Oct 11
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Duration: 0:02:32
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Description: CBT first timer is a hot muscular dude with a big cock. I get him into my dungeon and then put him through a tough bondage and TESTICLE PUNISHMENT he will not soon forget.
ClubAmateurUSA Straight Curious Tate Part 3
Category: Straight
Added: 13 Feb 10
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Duration: 0:02:59
Tags: causa tate massage sucking blowjob oral rub tug stroke

Description: While editing this video, I figured out that Tate brings out my inner masochist. LOL! It absolutely gets me going to sexually stimulate Tate to the point of him having involutary reactions that are clearly demonstrative of his intense sexual arousal & pleasure. I had to take a break at the end of this clip or he was going to lose it then and there!