Prisoner Number 01172014s10
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 18 Apr 14
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Duration: 0:02:07
Tags: workout masks gym CBT paddles caning Iron Lockup

Description: You think your trainer is mean? Try a psychotic puppy workout complete with CBT, tt, ass and thigh caning. No, your sets are not timed, puppy doesn't care if you are winded, go bitch go!
Timmy Slater and Lucas Marshell
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: Today
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Duration: 0:02:14
Tags: kissing blond blow job 69 rimming fucking cum mask Fresh SX

Description: The first scene sees Lucas Marshell get to fuck Timmy Slater's cute tight ass real hard and deep. The guys had to perform a sex scene using a blindfold.
Prisoner 01172014s7
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 25 Mar 14
Views: 348
Duration: 0:02:07
Tags: mask bondage bound boots punching masturbation edging Iron Lockup

Description: The prisoner is such a wimp that he needs kneepads just to kneel on the floor. All the boy does is hit him a bit and the bitch starts whining and moaning. Still, it seems like he likes it; his dick gets hard and stays that way despite suffering further indignities.
Twink Threesome For Big Donged Buds
Category: Blowjob
Added: 25 Mar 14
Views: 412
Duration: 0:01:53
Tags: french lads frenchlads french amateur twinks men hairy muscle big dick blowjob fuck suck boy next door outdoor france feet

Description: Isaac Torrid is up for some rough threeway usage from his masked mates Hetero Niqueur and Axel as they make him to deepthroat their thick cocks and open up his ass for their fucking pleasure in the barn of an abandoned ****.
Prisoner 01172014s6
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 25 Mar 14
Views: 471
Duration: 0:02:07
Tags: cells mask wetroom cleaning chastity piss douche Iron Lockup

Description: In it's cell, it pissed itself, it blamed it on it's cage. It cleans it's hole out, it cleans it well, it does this whenever it's told. It cleans it's skin, it polished it's cock, and now it's off to bed.|
Evan Rivers Fucked in the Club
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 16 Mar 14
Views: 478
Duration: 0:01:41
Tags: french lads frenchlads french amateur twinks men hairy muscle big dick blowjob fuck suck boy next door outdoor france feet

Description: Evan Rivers is up for some heavy usage by Max and Morgen Tisme as they pound all of his holes in the middle of the dance club. Evan is on his knees cocksucking meaty whang without ever seeing his masked fucker's face – that's the priorities of a good whore.
Cock Pumping Prollboy
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 07 Mar 14
Views: 13017
Duration: 0:01:00
Tags: Feet Gas Mask Pumping Rubber Sox

Description: Hot, sexy, and young prollboy in rubber gear removes and sniffs his white sox and worships his smelly boy feet. When he is finished with the pre-play he starts with the real action: He is pumping his dick with a vacuum pump in a big variety of hot positions before he is finishing his cock pumping session with squirting lots of cum fountains all over his hot rubber outfit. To see more of our fetish stuff visit
Prisoner Number 01172014s4
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 04 Mar 14
Views: 4673
Duration: 0:02:07
Tags: comfortable chair piss restraints wetroom leather straps mask cbt beating cane Iron Lockup

Description: In the most recent installment of "The Adventures of MegaBitch" we find our hero strapped to the unforgiving cold steel remains of a once comfortable chair. Will his testicles survive Sir's beatings or will our hero end up pissing himself? The villain gives our hero a chance to reprieve himself but will the pressure be too much?
Hairy Lad Rimmed by the Security
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 12 Mar 14
Views: 1082
Duration: 0:01:25
Tags: french lads frenchlads french amateur twinks men hairy muscle big dick blowjob fuck suck boy next door outdoor france feet

Description: This hairy sub is f*rced to open his hole for the dominant, masked fucker. Soon they're stripped down and showing off their hairy bodies as the sub crams his moustache down to the pubes swallowing the thick cock. They grunt their way through this sweaty session of ass licking and hefty fucking.
Kane O'farrell and Lobo Bayard
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 28 Feb 14
Views: 5015
Duration: 0:02:01
Tags: masks uniform pissing hairy sucking deep throat fucking dildos toys extreme ass play cum shots Cazzo Club

Description: Big boy Lobo decides to take a long piss on an armchair. Kane, a massive masked sex guerrilla is not happy about having his chair pissed on. He punishes Lobo by making him sit in his own piss and suck Kanes throbbing cock. Lobo knows how to suck dick, and he easily takes Kanes long tool. Kane greedily eats Lobo's ass before he rudely fucks him silly. His dick is not enough, so he grabs a huge dildo and tears up Lobos quivering hole. But wait, there's more! Lobo is required to impale himself on a giant traffic cone. Only the Germans can get away with things like this!
Zack's Fisting Debut
Category: Fisting
Added: 09 Feb 14
Views: 3135
Duration: 0:01:39
Tags: |toys fisting dildos mask piercings Jason Sparks Live

Description: |Meet Zack Bennett - he's our latest discovery and this is his very first time on camera. And what an introduction! Jason Sparks delves into Zack's ass with a myriad of toys before fisting the newest JasonSparksLive discovery!
Category: Massage
Added: 06 Feb 14
Views: 2660
Duration: 0:05:01
Tags: amateur blowjob massage handjob

Description: In Dalton, I see a cross between Billy and DJ. He's got this great energy, attitude, and presence about him, and of course, Dalton loves the camera and the camera loves him. :-P When Dalton first contacted me on my favorite sex & swingers site, his primary interest was to do a masked, jackoff-4-cash video. Based on the pix on his profile, I brought him in to shoot that video which will eventually be on MysteryGuys when itlaunches later this year. My intuition (and a few verbal indicators on his profile) told me that if I got Dalton in for that shoot, I would be able to talk him into "A Rub & A Tug." It worked. So, today I present the hot, compact cub, Dalton. With a scrumdillyumptious bubble butt and a quite-tasty-looking uncut cock, hopefully, I can talk him into going further on video. He's a natural on camera, and judging from his constant erection, Dalton loves being played with. Enjoy!
Category: Masturbation / Jerking Off
Added: 18 Jan 14
Views: 813
Duration: 0:02:12
Tags: Jerkoff

Description: Masked model JP blows a big load all over his hairy chest
Nightly Surprise by Masked Macho Fucker
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 24 Jan 14
Views: 33644
Duration: 0:01:21
Tags: french lads frenchlads amateur twinks men hairy muscle big dick blowjob fuck suck boy next door outdoor france

Description: Pornstar Sahaj gets attacked at night by an anonymous lover in his flat. The guy makes him suck his dick and treats his ass really hard before fucking him roughly and pissing all over him in the end. An awesome, authentic scene, filmed only with camera light.
Helpless masked slave gets his cock and balls tortured
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 01 Jan 14
Views: 8617
Duration: 0:02:00
Tags: Domination Discipline Humiliation Submission Dungeon **** Bizarre CBT Masked Guys Slapping

Description: Just as things were going further with this session, the new servant was willingly learning about his new duties. Eager to both learn and take dick, he was a great assistance to the Masters and a very skilled cock pleaser. Just as the other slave was being chained and suspended for further activities, the sturdy slave was giving him an occasional stroke helping the Masters achieve this perfect bondage work at the same time. Obviously the guy was to become a favorite!
Mark Coxx Solo
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 09 Jan 14
Views: 5780
Duration: 0:02:20
Tags: bull*** fuck cum anal gay porn

Description: Mark is left alone and he hears a voice that tells him he has to play a game and that there is someone in the room with him he can't see. The masked man touches Mark and starts to get his ass loose with his fingers. They take out some toys. Mark's hole is drilled harder, faster, deeper. He is then asked to pick a card: it's blue and he gets to control the toy action himself. The masked man unties him and allows Mark to sit on the toy. After Mark has really stretched his hole deep and wide he is asked if he wants to cum; he picks a card it's red. They tie his arms behind his back so he can't wank and the masked man edges him till he's about to cum. Pick a card. It's red. He is stopped from cumming and the masked man plays with his nipples. Then the wanking starts again. Each time Mark is asked to pick a card until he gets a blue one and is allowed to shoot.
Jan Losch and Alex
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 07 Jan 14
Views: 926
Duration: 0:02:04
Tags: fuck cum cock gay porn anal

Description: The night of debauchery continues with friends and strangers alike as Jan Losch and Karl Schiffers continue to host their sex party. All around Jan, pigs and whore are doing nasty things to each other but, for the moment, he's only got cock for Alex, a ski mask wearing hunk who enjoys working Jan's nipples before giving up his willing mancunt to the tattooed and pierced orgy host. Jan eats out Alex, sucking on his hole before shoving his fat dick balls deep inside him. After unloading all over himself, with Jan fucking the cum out of him, he keeps taking more cock before we're treated to the other nastiness going on around them. The men swap partners repeatedly, jumping from hole to hole -- fucking, getting fucked, sucking, getting sucked, stretching and seeding -- until even more DNA and protein is splattered and shared.