USMC Sam and Special Ops Robert
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Description: USMC Sam met a very mysterious man today who goes by the name of Robert. All Sam knew about this hunk is that he had some military background and that it was top secret. If Sam knew anything more than that his life would be in danger. This made Sam even more attracted to him, he loves a man with secrets. With all those secrets, Robert is still a relaxed, assertive, and open person. While Sam and Robert were stroking their hard meat, Robert was the first one to offer a hand and soon after a mouth. Opening wide, Robert slides Sam's huge pecker between his moist lips. He slid his mouth down Sam's shaft swallowing him whole. Sam enjoyed getting blown by Robert's incredible lips so much that he wanted to know just how far Robert would go. Taking the upper hand this time, Sam stood up and ordered Robert to turn around on all fours. From there he took his thick, hung cock and slid right into Robert's tight, bubbly ass. Flinching from the *****, Robert grunted from having the mon
Private CJ
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Description: CJ was in the marines for several years and spent some time on the battlefields in Iraq. He even got a tattoo of an anchor, globe, and eagle to signify his dedication to the Marine Corps. When CJ first starts to get settled in, he's a little tense. He isn't quite ready to take his clothes off, or even get partially naked. After awhile of watching some really good porn, his masculine urges get the better of him. He starts to work on something in his pants. Staring intently at the TV screen, he massages the bulge that is rising. When he pulls it out, he reveals a full 8 inches of marine meat. With deliberate strokes, he gives his organ a good workout. Private CJ is getting a little warm and decides he needs to get a little more comfortable. So, he slips off his shirt to reveal a slim but well defined chest and upper body. His right shoulder is adorned with the initials USMC. There is a small patch of hair in the middle of his chest. Then he takes off his pants and we get a
Marine Luc
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Description: What does a guy do when he is with 40 other guys in the middle of nowhere? Well, things start to get a little crazy. Luc talks about his current time in the Marines and all the wild things that have happened to him. While listening to his stories, one's eyes can't help but drift downward toward the bulge in his pants. When he was done talking about the time he had to save fellow Marine from a sinking aquatic tank, he began to strip down and stroke his blue-veined monster. It's hard to decide whether to focus on Luc's rough hands sliding up and down his member, or to scan the ripples of his muscled body, or the amazing six pack that Luc earned in boot camp. His boyish face belies the rugged experience this tough Marine has had in the desert. He starts off with just unbuttoning his pants to release the thickness of his manhood. A few strokes later and his torso is in view as he peels the skin tight shirt off. Leaning up against the flag, his cock dangles in front of the camera--beggin
Corporal Garrett
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Description: Garrett is an electronics technician in the marines. He's spent time on aircraft carriers and on base repairing communications equipment and anything else that uses electricity. He's a marine through and through. And he'll fight to the finish to save one of his fellow marines' life. After a good chat about his military service this red-headed marine hottie shows us what true grit really means. He starts out by massaging the weapon in his jeans ever so slowly. Before long he's locked and loaded and ready for action. He pulls out the stiff cock and massages while the pleasure plays across his face. He slowly strips down, revealing more and more of his taut military body. Now he's fully naked and standing at attention. After a good while he spreads his legs and shows us his bulging balls—swollen with the load they're about to expel. He gazes directly into the camera, taunting the viewer with his eagle eyes. He props himself up on one elbow to finish what he's started.With his hips