Whorrey Potter: Matthew Rush & Luke Marcum
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Description: Mainstream press and blogs have been buzzing about Whorrey Potter and the Sorcerer's Balls lately! The buzz started when someone found the photo I posted at WhorreyPotter.com of Emma Watson with Cameron Adams posing for a photo together at the MTV Movie Awards. Seeing the real-life Hermione with her gay porn counterpart, Himmione, was enough to set the mainstream press ablaze!
Whorrey Potter Floating 3-Way
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Description: n this scene, Himmione learns a levitation spell and all three characters (Himmione, Weasy and Whorrey) magically float above their common room and have a HOT three way. This scene includes double penetration and a "leap frog" or "daisy chain." It's really hot. Watch Himmione (Cameron Adams) get double fucked by Whorrey (Luke Marcum) and Weasy (Eddie Diaz).
Luke Marcum on Fire Island
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Description: We met Luke in Phoenix last year and filmed a scene with him in our hotel room. This time, we had him out to our house on Fire Island. During a break from filming Whorrey Potter (he plays Whorrey!), we recorded this hot solo scene. Enjoy!
Luke Marcum
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Description: Luke is a GREAT guy, and so hot. His body is perfect, he has a huge cock and great smile. And he's so nice and friendly. He's the kind of guy you want to take home to your mom. And then you want him to fuck you senseless that night. Enjoy!
Alexander Garrett and Luke Marcum
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Added: 14 Jul 10
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Description: When Alexander Garrett gets into his new video game, he can't stop playing. Unfortunately his best friend is out and his ******** Luke Marcum is the only person to play with. Getting bored with the game, one thing leads to another and a new game begins to ignite using different type of swords.
Jeremy Bilding and Luke Marcum
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Added: 04 May 10
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Description: Fan favorite Jeremy Bilding's latest adventure starts with Luke Marcum torturing Jeremy by tickling his feet! Jeremy writhes around the bed nearly hyperventilating. When Luke can't get to Jeremy's feet, he touches Jeremy anywhere else to pretty much the same effect. Jeremy is the most ticklish person we've ever met. Tickling soon turns to tasting as Luke swallows Jeremy down to his balls. Luke makes an attempt to eat Jeremy's ass, but that throws Jeremy into another tickle-fit. Jeremy can't take it any longer, and Luke's hole is getting hungry so Jeremy straps on a rubber and starts to pound away. Luke calls out "fuck me harder" and Jeremy obliges, thrusting away reckless abandon. Our turbo-top sends Luke into orgasm, splattering Jeremy's abs and chest. Jeremy cites that revenge is a bitch and jumps on top of Luke, jerking out a juicy load onto Luke's chest and face.
Jock Sucks Dick
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Description: Luke Marcum gets his cock sucked by fellow firefighter Damon Audigier. Clip from All Worlds Video PLAYING WITH FIRE 4
Fucking On The Job
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Description: Luke Marcum hops into Damon Audigier's bunch and plows his tight hole in submission. Clip from All Worlds Video PLAYING WITH FIRE 4