Creamin Fit Fuckers 4
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Description: Max Born and Steve Paradi are here at to "tie" one on. These two sexy fuckers know what it means to go "mano a mano" as they collaborate at the office. Just because Steve makes one mistake doesn't mean his mouth can't make it up to Max. Pulling out Max's big cock, Steve sucks with a true sense of repentance; going deep and sucking strong, Steve offers up more than his mouth; he'll be the bottom today. Well shit, looks like Steve's cock is as big as his boss'. As Max sucks the head, Steve is moaning and groaning. Moving to the couch, Steve has another mouthful of Max before bending over and showing his "mea culpa;" what a sweet "ass-istant." Max plunges in deep and starts a nice fast rhythm as the bottom grunts. Spreading his cheeks wide, Max has a tight grip on his partner as he slaps Steve's ass. Max turns Steve over for some face to face fucking. The bottom grabs his cock and tugs happily; wonder if he made that mistake on purpose? The more Steve jerks, the deeper Max pene
18yo Cuban Virgin Jonny Buys His 1st Rent Boy
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Description: Jonny Gonzales is a boy, 18, and Cuban. He has been here for a year and contacted me. Apparently, in Cuba, the difficulties of having premarital sex are unreal. Now, let's add to the fact that this Latino is gay. Jonny is understandably a virgin and has never touched another dick in his life; "I live with my family and they are very strict" he laments. For Straight Rent Boys, this "Cubano" is about to go "downtown" for the first time and learn some "mano a mano" skills. With his new phone, Jonny has used an App to contact an escort, who will help "release his inner beast." Jonny wants me to be a go between to make sure everything is safe; I guess I just have one of those faces (hehe). "Remembering when," I know how it is, as most of us do, being young, gay and wanting to express our desires, without the retribution. I have Jonny contact the guy to set up a meeting then he, Eddie and I set off on this "once in a lifetime" rendezvous. Making sure that the boy, Diego Reyes, is okay filmin
Echando una mano!
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Description: Video compartido de como se la jalan a un chavo en un baño público.
Colectando Semen
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Description: Colectando semen al mismo tiempo que veo una peli... pero estaba tan caliente que ya al final sin manos comenzo a salirme el chorro de semen
Chorros de Leche
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Description: Yo de tan caliente q estaba comenzo a salirse la leche... y pues decidi terminar con mi amiga mano... gustan?....
Jeremy & Mano Top Daniel
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Description: You want a hot 3way? Look no further. Jeremy and Mano tag teamed Daniel's perfect ass and it makes for one hell of a hot scene! The second anal group scene GuyBone has filmed, we tried to step it up a notch with more of what you'd like to see... which is what we also wanted to see! The guys started off naked, because who needs clothes? Tongues darted in and out of mouths, slathered up and down hard shafts, and poked and prodded one very welcoming asshole. After a hot circle suck session, Mano was first up to bat, shoving his rock hard cock inside Daniel's familiar hole. He fucked him hard, knowing he loved the feel of his swollen rod. Then Jeremy took his turn, filling Daniel's eager ass with his equally thick stiffy. My favorite part was when Daniel took hold of the reigns and squatted above Jeremy's fat dick, taking it between his cheeks inch by inch. Then, when he wanted to share the wealth of his hole, he hopped over onto Mano's ready and waiting cock. Back and fort
Mano Tops Daniel
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Description: When I filmed in Hawaii with Mano, I never really expected to film with him again. What are the odds that he'd come to the mainland, my specific city, and have the free time to film a scene? Apparently those odds are fucking fantastic, because not only did Mano make it to the mainland and my specific city, he had enough free time to film several scenes (with several lucky models)! First up was Daniel, a rapidly-growing favorite GuyBone guy, who was elated to bottom for the studly, muscle-bulging Mano. The two had electric chemistry from the get-go, making out and exchanging oral. Then Mano moved into his signature rimming/fingering and Daniel probably could have cum on the spot. He saved it, though, and built up an impressive load to shoot moments after Mano shot his (in what looked like a glorious sword fight and explosion). Having fucked in a variety of positions, it seemed obvious which was destined to become my favorite: the “jackhammer” position in which Mano faced the opp
Mano Tops Jeremy
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Description: I've dreamed of this scene since Jeremy Fox came to shoot for I always find it hot when a guy who prefers to top decides to bottom. Such was the case with Jeremy as he spread for Mano. The guys started off with some hot making out and crotch rubbing. I loved seeing Mano grope Jeremy's crotch, making his bulge grow through those sexy plaid shorts. Then, those shorts fell off, and the real fun got started. Jeremy sucked Mano's impressive cock. They 69'd. Mano tongued Jeremy's hairy hole. Good stuff. Then came the great stuff. Mano stuffed his fat dick inside Jeremy's tight ass and it was immediately evident that Jeremy was one of those tops who randomly decided to bottom. Fucking hot. Mano started off as slow as he could, but feeling Jeremy's tight hole swallow his cock made him want to fuck harder, faster. And so he did. Jeremy moaned in *****, which was oddly erotic, and probably in delight, judging by the size of his solid boner. Either way, Mano didn't stop h
Mano Tops Kyle
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Description: Lucky stud #2 to bottom for Mano was Kyle. And he was completely ready! The guys quickly moved from hard kissing to hard sucking, with Mano even doing some push-ups over top of Kyle, face fucking him. Sucking led to Mano's trademark rimming/fingering, where he left behind strings of spit on Kyle's hairy hole. Loosened up and ever limber, Kyle bent over and took Mano's thick dick up his ass. Mano pulled back on Kyle's arms, giving him the full experience of his cock. Kyle loved every inch of it. They moved to the bed for some fun positions, then to a chair for some more hardcore fucking. Before I knew it, they were asking if they could cum, both ready to nut all over the place. Mano shot first, all over Kyle's ass, then he bent over and let Kyle spray hot jizz all over his face, on his shaved head, and in his mouth. These two... fucking yum.
100% peruano
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Description: Quieres compartir una noche con ellos solo llámanos al 511946865132 son chicos 100% peruanos
Mano Tops Patrick
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Description: On holiday in lovely Honolulu, I found two incredibly fucking hot guys on Waikiki Beach. I had no choice but to film these Hawaiian studs, and although neither is a native, they certainly spoke volumes for what Oahu offers its tourists: sun, sand, surf, and sex. First time porn model, Mano, was ready to get “mano y mano” with his co-star Patrick (who you'll recognize as Patrick Kennedy, studio pro). Fuck, was I ever lucky to get both a hot, horny top and a gorgeous, industry-veteran bottom! The guys started making out and I knew it was chemistry as first kiss. They worked each other out of their shirts and shorts and before long, were standing naked, dicks aimed at the hotel ceiling. Patrick gave Mano a fantastic blow job and then they 69'd for a bit before Mano returned the suck favor. Once that was done, he flipped Patrick over and went to work on his tight hole, licking, sucking, fingering... preparing. Once the guys started fucking, there was no stopping them. They fuck
Get Off on the Fisting Action of Ass Dominators
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Description: Mega fisting bottom, Mano Ryder hangs in a sling absolutely getting off on masked Hans Inya's big muscular tattooed arm working over his experienced manhole (gotta love the names!). A cock ring tightly keeps his balls out of the way as Hans slides and twists one lubed up fist in after the other , slowing building the gay fisting action up to a climactic, cum splashing and slurping crescendo.
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Added: 16 Apr 11
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Description: Les dejo este video de como me la jalo en una tarde de aburrimiento. Alguien me echa una mano? =D
My milk
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Description: Despues de al***os dias ya andaba caliente y me hice justicia con mano propia jeje!
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Description: que rika chaketa me hize ese dia.. alguien me kisiera echar una mano?
Fisted by Muscle *********** in Sling
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Description: Mega fisting bottom, Mano Ryder hangs in a sling absolutely getting off on masked *********** Hans Inya's big muscular tattooed arm working over his experienced manhole (gotta love the names!). A cock ring tightly keeps his balls out of the way as Hans slides and twists one lubed up fist in after the other , slowing building the gay fisting action up to a climactic, cum splashing and slurping crescendo. Only hardcore fisting porn from Join now!
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Corrida de universitario limeño en la webcam
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Description: Un joven de 23 años se mide la pija y despues se la corre hasta venirse en su mano frente a la webcam
iiop de nuevo azzi zin nada q haccer
Category: Solo (1)
Added: 31 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:02:56
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Description: staba asi solito ii poes o tenia nada q hacer, echenme una mano o algo mas
despues de cojer con ganas de venirme
Category: Latino
Added: 13 Jan 10
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Duration: 0:00:10
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Description: acababando de cojer con mi novio y queriendo venirme quien me echa una mano amiga.... o una verga amiga tambien.... soy muy caliente i por mi fuera del diaro tendria sexo....
bien. . .VENIDA¡ ¡ ¡
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Added: 30 Nov 09
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Description: retirado antes lo vuelvo a subir,una venida en mano..