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Description: This was a strange experience for me. I was searching the streets of Prague - nothing special about that so far - when I noticed this young guy who appeared a bit lost. He was from Slovakia and he had obvious some problems to find his hotel. Apart from that he appeared to have no financial problems. He was in Prague for holidays even. And what was so strange? Well, we know that about 8-10% of the male adult population are gay. It is obvious that sometimes I meet somebody gay who even enjoys my „dirty offer“. But this one was definitely not gay. And he was not in need of money. And still he did agree. I still try to figure out what his motivation was.
Freakin Feather Ticklish - Ricky, Mike, Benjie and Derrick
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Description: HOLY SHIT! I knew Benjie was one of our top 3 most ticklish Asian boys, but my god, even the feathers get the same reactions as fingers!! This has FANTASTIC feather foot tickling scenes in it and his feather-ticklishness is authentic and very much real. I loved flickering the feathers all over his soles and feeling his leg jerk and recoil and hearing his intense laughter from the feathers on his soles! This is such a rarity in the tickling world for a male to be this foot ticklish with feathers! I have never seen anything like this! You really MUST SEE this entire video if you're a feather tickling fan!
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Description: He very gently flicks his tongue around the head of the swollen glans. Then he puts the whole head in his mouth, still stroking his own cock. Eric then starts to give him the deep throat treatment. You can see the discomfort on Rex's face as he gets his first male on male blowjob. He tries to focus his attention on the porn that is playing. But every once in awhile, he steals a glance at what's going on in his crotch. Eric is focused on his task, giving pretty good head for a straight guy. Rex stands up to get a better angle to face fuck Eric. He shoves his entire cock into Eric's waiting mouth, all the way to the base. After just a few thrusts, he can't hold back. He spews what seems like gallons of cum all over Eric's face, chest and the bed below. Eric is so turned on by the coating of jiz he just got that he leans back, soaked with sperm. He strokes his own cock and moans with delight as he lets loose thick load to add to what's already all over him.
Wayne - Another hitchhiker
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Description: Another hitchhiker I met who blew me away with his rugged maleness and gentle ways. Strong, muscular body coupled with that big delicious cock make for a terrific day and night of fun!
Jay Sinister NYC
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Description: Damn, this “dirty little whore,” is definitely a Brooklyn boy with that thick accent. Jay Sinister is very up front about how he spends his time as a male escort. Serving mostly straight guys, Jay's main goal is discretion;” they like to explore sucking and fucking, but discretely.” He also does a lot of role playing and fantasy play. As a Straight Rent Boy, he is up for some fun and willing to do a solo today, to advertise just how “dirty” he can be. Jay starts to strip and reveal his love for tattoos, as well as a body that is built to please. Sitting back and getting hard, Jay has some “big ass balls;” he says, “thank you,” and keeps on stroking. He does know what he likes and is not shy about showing it; for a bit of money, he's also willing to share it. Legs spread, he jerks and fingers himself; Jay's hairy hole really could use a “companion.” I can tell he's close as he starts pumping his hips while he tugs. Once the “lava” starts flowing, he does go for a
Big Dick Salute
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Description: This special presentation is for all of our loyal customers and new comers too. Showing off the studly military men, courageous firefighters, amazing policemen and even stunning civilians. This is the best collection of guys being exposed, fucking, sucking and beating off their huge cocks! These guardians of justice are wacking their hearts out, blowing each other and fucking like every good and noble man should! This tribute is all about total gratification of the male body, and just the happy ending for this holiday weekend. High, fast, and hard, see our guys explode to one of the most recognized military marches.
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Description: Over the past several weeks, Tristan & Ian, separately, have continuously inquired about participating in a male:male oral video. I think they've both been jonesin' to play around with another guy and need the excuse of making a video to do so. lol... Ironically, I've been thinking about pairing the two of them for quite some time, so I finally made it happen. And what a pairing it turned out to be... Tristan was on the verge of orgasm about ten minutes into filming and stayed that way the rest fo the shoot. That tends to be a bit of a logistical challenge... :-P And as always, the best & surefire method to bring Ian to orgasm, is a little prostate massage. Ian's "magic button" never fails him. So, today I present Tristan & Ian giving... er... thanks! Everyone have a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy!
Gay Bareback Tight Asshole Fuck
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