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Asian Cock and Watermelon
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Description: Tia Anakon having a fun time with his friend Kan Malay. Is it a fruit or a vegetable ? One thing for sure, there is a cock inside it! :)
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Blow job by Straight Married Malay technician in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Watermelon Sex
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Description: Tia Anakon decides to surprise his handsome Asian lover Kan Malay with a watermelon. But don't worry there is no vegetable eating here, Tia had already made a nice hole in the melon. So Kan eagerly fuck the red juicy hole in the watermelon and several times swaps between the watermelon and Tia's hungry mouth. Then Kan suck Tia's long hard cock and Tia returns the favour with licking Kan's bubble butt. This also get Kan hungry for ass, and soon he is deep inside Tia's wet smooth hole with his tongue and fingers. Does Kan have a surprise for Tia too ?
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jerking off teasers
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Description: this is my 2nd video (teasers). I'll release my 3rd video (cumshot video) probably by the end of this week.. Do enjoy this video, cheers!! ;)
Malay Boy Jerking Off
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