Rio City Sex 2 - Mairo Coelho and Jose Silva
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Description: A couple of cute boys sitting around shooting the shit surely sets the scene for something awesome to come. As it often happens, before long hands are on full crotches and then it’s cocks out rock out for everyone. The thing that Alexander has taught me is that big dicks are everywhere in Brasil. When Mairo Coelho and Jose Silva get to the naked part of their day, their cocks are impossible to ignore. Jose can’t ignore Mairo’s, that’s evident. He has his mouth on it only long enough to get it wet for his ass. Jose is one of those great bottoms that stays hard the entire time he’s getting his ass beat up and keeps stroking his dick just to prove he likes it. Mairo pounds him on his knees and on his ass before he squirts all over his stomach only to see it dou**** by the addition of Mairo’s own squirt.
Huge Cock Bisco
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Description: When I saw Bisco and Thiago together I started dreaming about an Avatar production like Avatar but I ended up with Battlefield Earth. Well I thought if I hook up a real str8 guy and watch him have sex with another guy it would be very interesting. In the middle of this video I got so fustrated I gave the camera to Caio. Bisco played with us the entire time and even if you look at the picutre to the left he's giving us the finger. Even though Bisco didn't do it well, the motherfucker sucked Thiago's cock. A few days later Bisco call us to make a flip-flop duo, but we declined his offer although when we go back to Brazil I want get someone to rip him a new asshole.