Trophy Boy
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Description: Seducing your straight friend is always risky business. Manuel Lopez knows it very well after inviting his buddy Adrian to help him out clean up his attic full of junk and porn magazines. And there together with his ********** football trophies Manuel wishes to add another trophy to his collection of "straight boys whose ass I've tapped". But things don't go so well at first. Watch and find out what happens next in this hot little tale of closeted encounters.
A Bar Bend Over
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Description: Another godly man, the big-lipped Ruy Lopez, is keeping hairy goateed beauty Simao Fogaca waiting, but they soon meet up. This battle of the titans has to be worth it. Both are extremely well-built, tight as hell, and just as handsome. They kiss lovingly and then down Simao's hairy chest Ruy goes until earning the prize. He sucks the long uncut dick with a lot of teasing licks, but isn't afraid to wrap his mouth around it either. Ruy's dick is yet another impossibly giant one (I'm not complaining, I just can't believe how many are in the same movie!), and Simao attacks the dark piece as well as he can. Bubble-butted Ruy is the bottom here and Simao knows just how to play eager topman for the camera. His killer abs do a lot of the work, but it gets his dick far into Ruy and they even get a missionary position on top of the bent-over ***gy. Simao looks mighty hot fucking here. Both have nice loads on Ruy's stomach.
Cock Shots, S01
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Description: presents scene one from Studio 2000's "Cock Shots". Studio 2000 kicks off a brand-new series with the sizzling Cock Shots, two full hours of mansex from director Andre Adair and featuring Brian Bodine and C.J. Madison. These two studs are joined by the peerless Dean Monroe, and Nick Capra, Kamrun, Trevor Knight, Jack London, Jherrad Lopez, Brett Matthews, Adrian Troy and Daniel.