Chain Linked
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Chain Linked
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Description: Trey & Tyler turn on captor Reed, putting him in a Pig Roast
Tommy Fucks Etienne
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Description: Thanksgiving is just around the corner and naturally we're all thinking about food. But for Tommy Dubois food is more than just something to eat. Tommy's appetite for food is intimately linked to his appetite for sex and nothing is more arousing for him than to mix the two together. Etienne ***d is up for anything that involves an abundance of rimming and sucking so we just added a can of whip cream, some cherries and whatever other food you can eat off a body and everybody was happy. The licking and sucking got going with gusto. Etienne had no problem with Tommy's huge cock when he put it in his mouth but when it came time to take it in his tight little ass it wasn't such an easy fit. But Etienne took some deep breaths, moaned, and pushed and finally took everything Tommy had to offer. His hardon was proof that there was some pleasure along with that *****. In the end, everyone's appetite was completely satisfied.
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Description: 19 y/o Skyler replied to one of my ads and sent me a link to his Facebook page. I must admit the picture he had there didn't do him justice and I almost turned him down. Luckily he sent me a few more recent pics. I couldn't believe the difference and knew I had to film him. Turns out there were 2 guys on his Facebook photo and I was looking at the wrong guy all along! He had really gone at it pretty hard with his girlfriend on Valentines Day so we figured we'd wait a few days for him to recharge. Seems like when he's horny, though, he's really horny and wants to get naked, so when he got the urge again he texted me to see if he could make his first ever video. He had never been naked on camera before, but he was definitely not shy. In addition to being hot as fuck, Skyler actually is a lot of fun to hang around. He talked about school and all the positions he likes to fuck in. Seemed like I had known him forever. We decided to forego an introduction this time and just have h
Every time I try to put on lotion...
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Every time I try to put on lotion... Pt.2
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Leather Desires
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Description: A lot of sweat goes into the making of a Leather den, but in the end it's all worth it! Rick Rogue and his ********* are turning a garage into a Leather playroom for adults only! From hanging the sling to building a chain link prison. Drew Andrews, Cody Whiler and Sweet Williams put their handiwork to the test with some more than willing volunteers! All get a turn breaking in the equipment whether it's giving the bench a real workout, taking a ride in the sling or a thorough boot licking, everyone is getting a chance to live out their Leather Desires!
Jersey Boy Joey & Casey
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Straight Dive Instructor Dax Evans
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Description: Dax is a straight dive instructor from the mid west who moved out here to California with his girlfriend to start a new life. Things are tough and they decided he'd do jack off porn to make some quick money. Dax is straight as can be and even strongly pushed my hand away when I tried to touch his cock. Finally I offered him $2k to touch his cock and jack him off. That was all it took ;) See the full video by clicking the link to my site!
Russian Athlete Roger
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Sean's Audition Tape
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Description: Hey Guys! So Sean stum**** onto the site through a link on a site he was already on.  He had some experience in the webcam world, found our link and shot me a message.  Of course I thought he would be a great addition to the site. He's 22, in great shape (works out 5 days a week and fights in local MMA circles), has a great personality and a big dick (7.5 or 8 depending on the day!).  All things of course I look for in a new HUNG RECRUIT. On top of that, his big cock was something that I could use on some unsuspecting cock suckers that have lined up to do some work with the guys.   When Sean told me he was willing to try some scenes with some other dudes on the site; I knew he was going to be a match.  On top of that, with his web cam experience, I know he would be great for the LIVE JERK OFF SHOWS that are starting up again in June! As you might have noticed, there has been a little less of me over the last few weeks on the site.  I have literally been so focused on findi
Mean Marine Clint
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Description: I met USMC Clint at a local military bar where I was hangin with a couple of my military girlfriends, I was definitely under the radar for straight cock. We were at the front of the bar where you order drinks, a great place to catch fresh meat at any bar. I heard a deep voice order a drink, I turned around just in time to smell the waft of Clint's pits as he reached over to pick up his *****. I was hooked! Read more about how I got Clint naked on camera by clicking the Squirtit link on the video!
Wendell Welch
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My Second
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My First Time(PInoy
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