Below the Decks
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Description: BELOW THE DECKS is the saga of man-to-man sex that happens between sex-starved sailors on the USS Lust Boat! First, Kevin Kramer and Sam Crockett explore their pent-up physical attraction for each other on graduation day when Sam announces that he's joined the Navy to see the world. On the ship, naval officer Peter Bishop snags sailors Paul Morgan and Dirk Adams away from their regular duties to take turns drilling his insatiable port hole instead. Then, Sam tops Jason Nikas in the latrines for not squealing on him about an incriminating letter from Kevin. Finally, Eric Evans ******** Brett Williams for the ********* of swabbing the deck of a "special duty" area!
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Description: "Stellar Cast, Direction & Camera work. Ripped ROBERTO GIORGIO orders 2 soldiers on Latrine Duty to get on their hands & knees to scrub shower stalls. Both guys get pissed & shove GIORGIO into several assuming positions & eat every part of his body. 3 Youthful soldiers share their enormous uncut ram rods in a clinic... just the right medicine! AIRBORNE contains Young Hung & Full-of-Cum guys, sizzling sex & double penetration. AIRBORNE in this movie are the cum shots. 2 MP's catch Leslie Manzel slacking off on the job in the back of an airplane shell. Immediately they each give Manzel something to work on! 2 Troops guarding a bunk room enter the barracks for a sudden inspection. 7 Guys in their underwear wake up, pair up ride each other to the hilt."
Lonely Soldiers
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Description: These are some soldiers i found seizing the moment when they thought no one could hear them. I then took advantage of the opportunity and caught it on film. On guy even caught me recording him and he kept going and coming back for more later!!! Enjoy!!!