Latino Solo James
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Description: I had to stop by the Rec Center to pick up some fliers for a friend. While I was there I saw James at the basket ball court shooting hoops by himself. I watched him for a while and he asked me if I wanted to play a friendly game of “******”. I declined, explaining I was more of a photographer than an athlete. He asked me what kind of pictures I took and I told him I specialize in erotic photos. Seeing that caught his interest, I asked him if he wanted to model for me. James' athletic build really comes through the lens.
Latino Felipe And Antonio
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Description: Felipe Herrero and Antonio de Capos, both handsome and with a smattering of facial hair, over*****. Felipe tries to wake up Antonio, but the latter doesn't want to go to school, so they make out to pass the time. Felipe sucks nipple-pierced Antonio's long dick and then they 69 eagerly, Antonio having a particularly good time with Felipe's curved piece. Felipe tops Antonio, pinned up against the wall. Antonio sucks Felipe again before ravaging him with a strong fuck until Felipe cums.