Felix Barca and Thierry Lamasse
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Added: 17 Jan 14
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Description: Felix was the first to jump at the opportunity of an all expenses paid work vacation to London. Once here he was paired up with Thierry Lamasse, a French stud well known to Trojan. It's just before lunchtime, Felix isn't in the mood for working and quickly he sets the tone for an afternoon spent sweating still, but in a different way. Thierry is on the stepladder, his crotch just the right height. Felix has already seen that his co-worker packs a really nice piece of meat and goes straight for the kill, grabs that cock and pulls it free. Thierry is far from being a passive recipient and soon begins a very equal match. They taste each other's bodies, they play alpha. Felix wins first and turns his companion, bends him over and gets to work that tasty looking ass. He licks it and fingers it enjoying the moment when he feels the ring holding out against his cock. Thierry enjoys every single moment of it but is not one to lay back and take it. He wants to give it. And he's good at it. Sudd
thierry lamasse and conner habib
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Added: 26 May 12
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Description: A very welcome return toThierry Lamasse, a horny, hairy stud with a big dick and hot, responsive, dick-milking hole. Who better to pit him against than Conner (cum fountain) Habib. The two horny guys can't wait to...
Mega-Pornstar gets his hot Israeli ASS FUCKED!
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Added: 19 Aug 11
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Description: In London, on the set of a new movie, Jonathan Agassi can't wait to strip newbie Thierry Lamasse down to his white Calvins and slurp on his thick French dick. In a space-age baroque living room, Jonathan buries his face into Thierry's crotch with vigor, and Thierry dick slaps the hairy Israeli's hungry mouth. The two swap blowjobs before trading some slavering rimming sessions on each other's spotless holes. Thierry fucks Jonathan so aggressively, every piece of furniture gets put to creative use! Getting his wish from the earlier interview, Jonathan flips Thierry into a chair and pounds him back. In perfect symmetry, the two climax taking turns into each other's mouths.
Euro studs FUCK each other!
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Added: 29 Apr 11
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Description: A slow zoom through French doors shows hot Spanish stud Bruno Jones and French uncut muscle hunk Thierry Lamasse grinding in blue jeans. Thierry sucks on Bruno's sturdy rod, and switches off so that Bruno can slurp on his big uncut slab of cock. Thierry bends Bruno over for an expert rimjob, tonguing his pink, clean hole. Soon Thierry is fucking Bruno heatedly from behind, as Bruno bends over and takes it like a champion catcher. Bruno's white-knuckle grip on the bed knob is broken when Bruno gets on top to give Thierry a ride on his own powerful pole. The scene climaxes as Bruno unleashes a flood of cum over the Frenchman's pouty, parched lips.
banged up harder (uknakedmen 111)
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Added: 10 Apr 10
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Description: Once more, back into the cells. Jake Ryder is back with a hungry mouth and hole to service Thierry's fat, hung cock. The two snog and rim in their smoky cell, before Jake wriggles his tight hole snuggly onto Thierry's dick and milks the fat, uncut meat for every drop of juice he can get.
Gold part 1 ( uknakedmen 89)
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Added: 06 Feb 10
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Description: Real-life couple Jake and Rocco grind and pummel their way to explosive, cum-filled climaxes!
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Added: 23 Jul 09
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Tags: Starring Francesco D'Macho Damien Crosse & Thierry Lamasse

Description: We learnt in The Deal that Francesco has a fine eye for antiques, but what we didnt know was that his tastes extended to expensive modern art, however evidently not as strong as his taste for big cocks. As within minutes he is sucking hard on both the gal
Men At Play - The Candidates
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Added: 08 Apr 09
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Tags: men at play Starring Bruno Jones Thierry Lamasse suite tie british uk muscle professional fucking sucking stubble *********** dad

Description: We ve been holding a series of interviews here at MAP in the search for the new generation of guys, however as you would expect the interviews at MenatPlay are not your typical QandA. And Bruno was only to happy to share some advice with a very nervous T