Fucked By A Massive Dick
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Description: Leo is not often a bottom and the biggest dick so far he took up the ass was 7inch cock. This time he needed something more. Jeremy Roddick to the rescue with his 9inch pole fucks the hell out of him.
Blond Boy Takes Huge Dick
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Description: For this update I've decided to do something a little bit different. I'm going to bring you behind the scene with my friend Leo, when sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's pleasurable. Leo Lafonce is a really good bottom but actually needed some guidelines on how to apprehend a big dick. So I decided to make a movie out of that perspective and teach, with a lot of humility, how he can take a big totem up his ass! I wish you'll enjoy it as much as I did to shoot it.
Blond twink boy Leo Lafonce
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Description: We have known Leo for a few years and he has always been the kind of guy to just say what he is thinking and this interview was no exception. Leo has a tendency to get mixed up with the wrong crowd so we don t believe his experience is an accurate reflection of Seattle. We love Seattle. But we are glad he is back home and glad that he is back on the prowl for his new-found desire: giant dicks. Leo Lafonce is 22 years old, is 6 0