Cocksucking 101
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Description: Attention class! Today, our professor, the appropriately-named John Magnum, will be covering a topic we trust is relevant to all concerned, no matter what your major may be: Cocksucking 101. One of his top students (in every way) is Mike Martinez and he will get the course started by demonstrating the proper technique to giving a blow job. Step one: get naked. Mike does so in record time! But before things progress, our instructor gives Mike a refresher in the finer points of oral service. Note the placement of his hand as he uses his mouth and tongue, sliding up and down the penile shaft until it is fully engorged. Mike is practicing suction when who pops in but the yearbook photographer. Smile for the camera! After doing his best, Mike is outraged to hear his grade so far is only a 'B' so back he goes, down the professor's huge dick to strive for an 'A.' Once we saw the part of the course covering the number 69, we decided to register for next semester and you will, too, once you see