Mark Kun and John Mars
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Added: 31 Dec 13
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Description: Slender blond twink Mark Kun is making out with dark-haired John Mars in an empty office kitchen. He gives the brunette the blowjob of his life before his new buddy returns the favor. After devouring each other, sucking on uncut dick to the brink of orgasm, John gets Mark up on a counter and rims his hot little hole. But it's Mark who ends up with his throbbing dick inside John's rarely used, sweet, pink fuckhole. John bends over and Mark slides home before the two changes positions so the eager-to-please John can ride Mark until the blond rewards him with a hefty cum facial of a load John can't help but eat, taste, and share with Mark in a kiss.
Mark Kun and Dan Steele
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Description: Dan Steele is a handsome young man, more jock than he is twink. But he's got a thing for twinks. A big thing. In fact, it's a VERY big thing. His buddy Mark Kun loves sucking on that big thing and making it bigger and harder. And just when you think Dan is going to shove that fat, uncut dick inside Mark's sweet pink fuckhole, it's Mark who comes out on top, rimming Dan's rarely used ass until the older, bigger bareback sex addict needs it bad. The dark-haired cutie spreads his cheeks and rides Mark before the blond twink repositions Dan in order to go deeper. And Dan just lays there and takes it, until Mark is ready to blow his load. He ends up giving Dan a facial but Dan gives him an even bigger load, which the two then share in a wet, sticky, and sloppy kiss.