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Description: " KUK 2 " Steven is a friend of a friend that i had been eyeing up for a while, and when he popped over one evening to watch a DVD I thought i might as well approach him and ask if he was up for doing something naughty and quite exciting, so I showed him my KUK1 episode, and he really liked it, and I didnt even have to ask him if he wanted to do an episode, his top was already off before I even got my camera ready for it. He was getting very excited by the concept of people watching him but not knowing who he was, i.e no face. He liked the whole anonaminity around the project, and with such a lovely cock one can understand he wants to show it off a bit. A very brittish boy indeed, loved it. I have to admit he got me very hard and horny myself, and I couldn't help playing a bit with him and showing my cock too…
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Description: Beautiful Steven was a true charmer, already from the start of him entering my flat I could feel the sexual tension building up, making me really horny myself, when I took off his underpants, his cock popped out so nicely, and he was almost instantly hard, I think he enjoyed my sucking technique... hehe
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Description: At this point I thought it was suitable to do a self portrait one of the KUK-series, as it's only fair if i'm to ask guys to get naked for my camera, so this is me, Anton Dickson, international porn star since many years, I also work as an architect and photographer / film maker as well as being a retired classical ballet dancer. I'm a very horny man, and always tend to inspire hornyness around me, which is always fun. I'm Swedish mix Croatian. And I love cookies, especially shortbread and Swedish cinamon buns hehe.