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Description: Because of my job I already became used to dirty places. I don't know why but I think once people get too desperate they seem to even forget about the place where they are living. The guy who called me today seemed to be really messy. He lived in a village 75 km from Prague. When I came in I really had problems to find a place to sit. The guy himself was actually quite handsome though he was dressed like... well... you can see the pictures. When we had counted all numbers his situation didn't even seem so desperate. The amount was not unusually high. But when you don't have a job even smaller debts can fuck your brain. And not only your brain. Do you know what I mean?
Espiando motoristas na beira da rodovia / driver spy on highway
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Description: Espiando motoristas numa parada na rodovia ayrton senna, km 57, sentido interior. É uma cabaninha logo após o pedágio. Lugar bom para espiar e aprontar. Muita coisa acontece lá.
Fashion-model to fuck
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Description: Fashion-model Carey was caught on his way to the capital. They hand-cuff and strip-search him before he has to go on his knees and give a good blow-job to his captors. Carey was on his way to this year´s Novo Sazky fashion week. He was booked by a French fashion company that just re-opened their shop in the rebuilt city center. The offer was good but he could not book a flight right in time. So he decided to go by car. Carey was stopped about 25 km before the capital. And even though he had a valid visa Ivan cuffed him and took him to the remand prison. In the beginning he was protesting heavily. But Ivan rudely pushed him upstairs towards the interrogation room. There Mecko was waiting and examining the new catch closely. They asked a few questions which were answered by Carey. Then Ivan unlocked the cuffs. “Undress!” was the order. Carey was shocked. “Undress? Why?” he responded. Just a second later Ivan pushed him and both guys came closer to show him that they cannot brook op
Huge cock Redneck
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Description: Marko just wanted to take a sun bath. Ivan and Mecko spotted him on top of a hill deep inside the forest. Overpowered and bound they lead him to a stonewall where they chain, strip, beat and fondle him. The struggling redneck guy gets heavily humiliated before they take him away for the upcoming fun. It is a sunny morning in Tchukistan. Marko just wanted to take a sun bath before work as he wanted to go to the discotheque tonight. He is a 22 years old car mechanic and works at a small garage in a rural village called Vicko about 30 km away from the capital. He has a pregnant girlfriend but still he tries to flirt whenever he meets a hot chick. But this time things went different. Mecko and Ivan patrolled the forest as they noticed some noise coming from a hill nearby. Sneaking up from behind the grad Marko and after a small fight they finally overpower him. Ivan gags the guy´s mouth with his hand as they lead the struggling redneck down the hill inside the woods towards a nice pl