En El Parque Part 2
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Description: Gabriel continues to worship Ben's cock, deep throating all that goodness. Spitting, stroking and choking, the bottom boy, on the rock, is about to get something equally hard. As Ben slides in him, the camera angle is perfect for some park time fucking. Slamming his cock back and forth in his boyfriend, the top has Gabriel moaning fast. Switching positions, the bottom then takes a noise ride on Ben; got to love those squeaky “outings.” Putting the bottom boy on all fours, Ben is able to go balls deep as he fucks Gabriel; that bottom boy has a hold sweet and welcoming. As the camera shows from above, Gabriel's tight hole and giggling ass has Ben spewing early, who wouldn't? “Sealing between the crack,” the top then enjoys his “own fruits” and sucks up the jizz before he spits it back in. Gabriel's mouth needing a taste of Ben's hard work, and his ass, again sucks on his boyfriend. The two then spend some quality time rolling around in the grass, licking and kissi
Beefy Muscle Gays Doing Hardcore Anal Sex
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Description: Hot kissiing scene of hot beefy gay. Hunk beefy gay sucking cock each other. Outdoor hardcore anal fucking with body cumshot in the end.
Denis Reed and Tommy White
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Description: Fan favorites, Denis Reed and Tommy White, are back and this time together. Denis comes in to wake Tommy from his nap to find a raging boner in his shorts. The two kiss, which leads to some erotic nipple play, then into Tommy being stripped from the waist down. Denis wastes no time putting Tommy’s uncut cock into his mouth. The couple continue to make-out while undressing each other. Tommy can’t wait to suck Denis’ uncut dick once it is released from its confines of Denis’ boxer briefs. Denis is getting so turned on that he wants to plow Tommy’s ass, so with a condom and spit, Denis starts to slam Tommy with his fuck rod. They change positions several times until neither can hold back any longer, Denis coats Tommy nut sac with his cum and then Tommy unloads all over his own smooth abs. As the scene fades the two are kissing again.
Three Guys Enjoy Each Other
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Description: Jason, Turk, & Winter enjoy each other in this very kissy threesome bedroom scene.
Long Distance Lovers Meet
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Description: In real life, Ethan Ayers and Blake Oscar are having a long-distance affair. Ethan was only in town for a week, so they wanted to have their kinky sex scene documented. Blake is ushered into the dungeon in a blindfold. Though he is turned on by the thought of what's coming up, he is unaware of what might happen next. Blake gets his hands bound with chains as he gets his ass eaten. Ethan bends him over to get his cock sucked between passionate kisses and butt licking. With Blake still blindfolded, his hands are released so Ethan can maneuver him better to suck Blake's dick and get his armpits sniffed. But once the blindfold is removed, Blake really gets down to the business of sucking dick and rimming Ethan's ass. With both of these hot leather men on all fours, Ethan starts to prepare Blake's ass for a major pounding. Free to "go with the flow", Ethan and Blake change positions at will, performing whatever sex act feels good at the moment, whether it's sucking rimming, fingering, kissi