Liquid Gold
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Description: Marco has been vying for the title of 'Filthiest Pig Alive' since his screen debut in our flick, DINGE, and when we shot this Zyz helped him bring all his kinks together
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Description: John and Kink are sexy twinks hanging out after they have just met. They want to know each other better. The two are shy but you can see the attraction in their eyes. So they begin to express themselves with their hands and mouths as the clothes are stripped away. The African twinks blow each others huge black cocks then settle in for some bareback fucking activities.
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Fist Animals, Part Deux
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Description: The fisting action continues as Matthias and his three fisting allies kick up the kink and break out the grease, fist pounding each other's assholes until they are stretched out, and sloppy.
Poppers, Piss & Perverts
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Description: I've had a major porn crush on Bravo Delta since I started following/stalking his Vine last fall. A couple months ago I worked up the balls to finally hit him up on Twitter and to my surprise he actually responded and was into me! As fate has it he lives right outside Boston so I was able to get him to hang out one weekend on his way to a Cosplay convention (or something like that...I was kinda bummed he didn't show up in a costume haha). I was wicked excited to fuck around, I'd fantasized about that big dick so many times and I was pumped to see how he fucked in real life without all the studio bells and whistles. Bravo definitely has more kink in him then I had expected which is always fucking awesome. I'm used to seeing him in a more "vanilla" light online so I was shocked when he said he would be into some rough ass play and piss. Needless to say after a few adult beverages I took full advantage of the opportunity to explore his more deviant side.
Shady Bathhouse Behavior
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Description: Did I mention I love abeardedboy? The guy is up for and everything so we decided to party all night, pack up his toys and sneak my camera into the bathhouse to film our debaucheries. I brought a friend with me to film cause my hands were going to be preoccupied. It was definitely a rush fucking him in the sling and trying not to get caught taping, but it was dark and hard to see so we moved it up to one of the rooms. It baffles and arouses me with how he can fit so much into his ass with ease. Between the ass stretching and fist-punching his hole, this is definitely my most hardcore video yet.
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Description: Eli Hunter is caught trying to steal a piece of artwork and so he is punished, blindfolded and bound with some anal and face-fucking. He begs for mercy, but the crowd of horny men just laugh and continue to have their way with him.
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Description: Another Colorado cutie lands on my couch today. Hot, blonde, horny boys must grow on trees there. I may have to take up snowboarding, or whatever it is they do for fun. Trevor is a part-time student with just a little more focus on extra-curricular activities than his studies. He is horny all the time, grew up watching porn, and has a life-long dream of doing some on-camera fucking. Trevor has a little kink in him as well. He has recently participated in everything from watersports to orgies on the beach. The stories he tells totally got me to take a second glance at him. I am all about giving fine young men a chance to prove themselves on camera. This particular blonde hottie just might go the extra mile to impress me. Lets just see exactly how far...
New Muscle God, Billy Santoro, Bound and Fucked By House Dom
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Description: House dom, Dirk Caber, approaches a blindfolded and bound muscled hunk and warms him up a bit with some nipple-biting and punches to the chest before he breaks out the whip and fucks his glorious ass. Billy Santoro is then throat-fucked by his master's cock and endure some hot wax before he gets his reward all over his face.
Two guards and a twink in a cage
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Description: The train is stuck in the middle of nowhere. On the low loader, a metal cage inside of which sits a blond twink with his eyes blindfolded. He's at the mercy of his guards with no possible escape. Warder Troy and his thuggish mate Jordan Fox come up to him, their balls already full of cum. And fortunately enough the encaged twink still has to be fed today...
A doctor with a fingering touch
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Description: During a medical inspection a young inmate is tied up to the examination chair, totally at the mercy of the doctor who can get on with a very special kind of auscultation...
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Description: Alone in the dark, the kink-loving man puts his meat to the limit by pumping it with a vacuum device. See just how hard and swollen it gets, attracting the attention of his partner who approaches and starts stroking to the scene. Mutual climax is on its way, and this time the man is about to experience it as never before.
Locker Room Punishment
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Description: Don't pick on the janitor taking a shower in the locker room or you might get his dick in your ass; not that you'd mind. After taking some harsh words from a student, this hot janitor decides to teach him his own kind of lesson.
Jack Stafford, Steven Sommers and Stefan Dupuis
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Description: 3 daddies and a sling. Sounds like a good time to me and believe me it is! These bears know just what they are doing. A round of cock sucking leads to a game of musical chairs in the sling. Some deep pounding and hole play is on the menu till everyone is dripping in sweat and cum. A hot Bear threeway with lots of kink and deep fucking not to be missed!
Fresh meat inmate for Officer Maguire
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Description: Duncan Black is locked up inside Kink Prison, tormented and fucked by Officer Maguire
Young and eager to blow
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Description: Backroom cubicles have holes in the walls through which lads with bursting balls can get sucked by expert mouths. Philippe, a cock hungry slut, struck it lucky as he got a massive todger to suck on, and all the more since a sweet, young lad is standing on the other side: Chase, an 18-year old with a smooth body, absolutely wants to get shagged. But today, who will fuck whom?
Lads fuck fest
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Description: Philippe is a real backroom slut - and in the dark a dick rarely comes alone! Mike, a blond sporty type, humps Philippe's hungry hole with his deluxe joystick, as two twinks wait in a corner to get sucked. The four chaps have it off with each other until huge loads of cum are spurted in all directions.
Newbie shagged the XXL way
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Description: In the middle of the passage blond Roberto gets his 9-inch cock out of his pants and starts beating the meat. Nearby Niklas, a cute 19-year-old visiting the backroom for the first time, observes him in secret. Roberto suddenly vanishes to reappear through the glory hole in Niklas's cubicle. And the swollen member knows very well where to aim...
Skylar's fuck break
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Description: Newbie Kieron gets his first taste of being tied up and humiliated in a public bathroom. A group of men are angry at him for losing a match and take it out on him by tearing his clothes and making him suck all of their cocks.