Kex Lyle
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Added: 20 Apr 10
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Description: This solo is one for the real alternative twink lovers. Kez is a very unique Euro boy and he's got plenty of tricks up his sleave to show off in this jerk-off session. The tattooed spunk teases you with a preview of his massive endowment through his jockstrap before letting it loose for a hot, long stroke.
Kez Lyle & Sebastian
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 13 Mar 10
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Description: No longer a virgin straight boi, Sebastian decides to put Kez through one more ordeal believing that straight bois like *****! Bound and chained Seb uses hot wax to see whether Kez is a man or not! Coated in the stuff, Kez takes the ***** like a man even when Seb turns him over and drips boiling wax over Kez's once virgin ass hole. This gives Sebastian an idea: dildos up Kez's ass should focus the straight boi's mind. After enduring hot wax, a hard anal fucking, Kez is made to suck Seb cock and wank until his load is released.
Kez, Noah & Sebastian
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Added: 20 Feb 10
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Tags: UK boynapped twink fetish cock cock chains restraints Kez Dean

Description: We thought about asking Noah to top with Seb in this video? We liked the idea of cute Noah with his 9 inch cock topping a bad boi with a very tight virgin ass hole. After meeting up with Kez who answered an advert titled