Shove It!: Scene 3: Tibor Wolfe & Brad Kalvo
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Description: Beefy and hairy Brad Kalvo wastes no time going for the huge slab of tall and tattooed Tibor Wolfe, who slams his thick meat deep inside the dark-haired stud's throat. Tibor returns the favor—then bends over to get butt plugged. But the bottom wants more: “Gimmie that fuckin' cock! Go deep! Just like that!"; Tibor's ass ripples as he gets plowed, his huge shaft and dick head beautifully splayed underneath his legs against the edge of the box. “You like that dick?"; asks Brad as the two get more verbal. On his back, Tibor shows off his boner as he gets ******* some more, the top stroking him off as he fucks him. Brad then lubes up and slides his fist inside—his monster bicep filling the frame as he twists his arm, ass juice dripping to the floor. Still impressively stiff, Tibor shoots a huge stream of piss up into his mouth and all over his body, soaking himself. He then sits down on a massive red dildo, riding it before the two jack off.
One Thing Leads To Another: Scene 2: Brad Kalvo &  Tate Ryder
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Description: Things aren't looking good for criminal Tate Ryder. Officer Brad Kalvo tries to show him the bright side & some time off the streets can be good. "Will I end up with a build like yours?"; Tate asks of his jail time. "If you keep at it,"; advises Brad, flexing his massive bicep for Tate to feel. Brad's huge, hairy chest is soon released, Tate grabbing it and tonguing the cop's pec. The smooth Tate licks down Brad's bod, engulfing his bushy boner as his own big dick throbs out of his boxers. Brad sucks him back, looking up as the bad boy smirks down at him. The beefy Brad pushes Tate against the lockers, burying his tongue inside the jock ass. He then fucks him from behind, Tate reaching back to grab the top's bicep as he gets plowed. On his back, Tate stays stiff as he gets plowed some more—the top soon shooting his load, rubbing it into the bottom's smooth abs.
One Thing Leads To Another: Scene 2: Brad Kalvo
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Description: With ****s in hand, David Anthony and Hunter Marx watch baseball on TV. But Hunter has a wandering eye and a request; he wants to send his wife photos. Pictures of what? Your dick? asks a surprised David, soon relenting as he snaps shots. Now get it hard, he instructs, whipping out his massive beast out for inspiration. The two stroke, the slowly seduced Hunter's gorgeous eyes fixated on his friend. David's neighbor Jessie Colter stumbles on the scene, gladly taking the camera. David strokes his bud, his boner grazing Hunter's leg, soon kneeling down to suck the hairy-chested hunk. Jessie strips down, his big boner pulsing in the foreground as the two please each other. Jessie then takes turns on their cocks before bending over, getting plowed by David as Hunter fills the bottoms mouth. The two switch positions, Jessie engulfing David's balls. Hunter then gets pounded ***gie style by David as Jessie sits on a big dildo and watches; soon dumping his monster load down David's leg. David
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Description: Bearded men Damien Stone & Brad Kalvo blow eachother outside
Brad Kalvo Massaged
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Description: Brad Kalvo is one of my favorite hunks. He's pretty much the epitome of manliness. He's a wall of muscle and he's a great fuck, trust me I know. This time Brad stops by for a quick massage. I start off by rubbing his back and working my way to his ass, down his thick thighs and to his muscular legs. I slide my hands back to his bubble butt and spread his cheeks wide open. I can't resist and I dig my tongue into his pink hole, my face buried in between his bubble butt. The more I licked and bit his hairy ass, the harder I got. I took my dick out placing it in Brad's hand and he started stroking me for a short while. I made sure every inch of his back and ass were explored. He turned over and I continued to rub oil over his hairy, muscular chest, arms, thighs and legs. I know how to push Brad's buttons so I began to lick his nipples. He threw his head back in pleasure. I moved on to his armpits and licked every inch of the sweaty, hairy pits. He got rock hard and his breathing got faster
Brad and Jake
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Description: I love muscle bears, especially really sweet ones. And muscle bears don't get sweeter, or sexier, then Brad Kalvo. I had a blast playing with Brad on the bed. He's a fantastic kisser. And Brad Kalvo isn't a bad cock sucker either! But he really excels at fucking and boy did he pound me. Sweet turned a little bit nasty. I couldn't stop hugging his massive torso or running my fingers against his furry chest. Brad Kalvo shoots his load onto my belly then takes my spunk on his tongue. Brad then gives me a cummy kiss. Damn I'm spoiled!
Brad and Doug
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Description: Coach Kalvo and wrestler Doug just got back from a wrestling match. Doug did well, but hurt his neck a little bit. Brad says he'll help him take care of it and escorts him to the bedroom. Brad starts to massage Doug's shoulder and neck, and then kisses it. Doug stops him and asks "What are you doing?" Brad replies "You just be quiet and let me take care of that." Within no time the two are making out, causing Brad to get a massive erection poking through his wrestling attire. Seeing this, Doug gets down and begins to work Brad's cock with his mouth. His neck is already starting to feel better! Brad has his student get down on the bed so he can swallow his thick cock and eat his gaping asshole. Doug can't wait for Brad to plunge his lumber deep inside him. Brad starts feeding Doug's ass some fingers, before filling it with his huge dick. "You're splitting me in two!" cries Doug and Coach Kalvo pounds him from behind. Things really get hot when Doug sits on Brad's fat fuck stick. Doug's
Brad and Dustin
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Added: 01 Apr 12
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Description: Muscle-*********** Brad Kalvo is no stranger to my other site, Cocksure Men, but this is his first time playing here. Young and cute, Dustin Fitch can't wait to play with his hairy, muscular ***********. Dustin takes off Brad's shirt, revealing his massive hairy chest. Dustin follows his furry trail all the way down to Brad's big dick and starts sucking. Brad goes down on Dustin's smooth cock and then tongues his sweet hole. Dustin begs for Brad's cock in his ass so that's just what Brad gives him. Brad fucks Dustin hard, any which way he chooses. Dustin blows his load while still getting pumped by Brad's hard pole. Soon after Brad sprays Dustin with his warm cum all over his tight stomach.
Brad and Parker
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Description: Brad Kalvo and Parker London just got back from a movie and it made Parker SUPER horny. Brad asks Parker to show him just how horny it made him, and Parker promptly does so by throating Brad's delicious dick. Big Brad makes sure he gets a taste of Parker too before before bending him over and stuffing his tight asshole. The look of pure bliss on Parker's face is priceless as Brad continues to fuck Parker until he sprays his load all over his chest. Parker fingers and licks up his own cum and then begs Brad for more. Brad deposits a thick load onto Parker's pubes and then licks it up.
Brad and Jay
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Description: Chiseled and furry Brad Kalvo has smooth and chiseled Jay Roberts to play with. Both hunks can't help but admire each others sculpted physics and, of course, their BIG dicks. Brad is the first to take a knee and a mouthful. Jay shoves as much of his thick meat down Brad's throat as he can handle. Brad then gets his rock hard cock serviced by Jay. They take turns getting comfy on the couch and having their assholes eaten out. The butt buffet gets each stud ready to fuck! Brad eases himself inside Jay's hole and starts pounding away. It doesn't matter if it's behind, on-top, or below, Jay loves taking every inch of big Brad deep inside him. With Brad still parked firmly in his ass, Jay sprays a huge cumshot all over himself. Brad follows him up, dropping a thick load of his own on Jay's cock and abs. Brad has a lick and gives Jay a sensual kiss. Hot!
Logan and Brad
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Description: Brad Kalvo and Logan Scott team up for a sizzling session of sex that leaves them breathless and will have your heart pounding as well. Both guys love kissing and nipple play. Logan is really turned on by Brad's furry chest and slowly works his way down to Brad's cock. Logan then drops trou and lays back on the bed, his legs spread apart and his dick waiting for Brad's mouth and tongue. After some 69 action and ball-licking, Logan gets on all fours for a rim job and some extended pounding. Brad drills that beautiful ass so hard and fast you can see the sweat and hear Logan moan in ecstasy. For the finale, these hunks lay side-by-side and jack off, with Logan shooting first, his cum proving to be a tasty treat for Brad before he releases his whopping gusher.