Jonny Kingdom and Kayden Gray
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Description: With the juice still flowing into the machine, Ashley needs more fit fuckers to have a go on his machine, this time he texts blond stud Jonny Kingdom who just so happens to be with young muscle man Kayden Gray. Up for something special from the London scene, Jonny persuades his friend to join him for something special, and they both rock up to the apartment, desperate to see what's going to happen! As they sit down, they're face to face with the thickest dildo they've ever seen on the end of the infamous fuck machine. As they strip naked together, Kayden is well up for getting down and dirty with Jonny, who wouldn't be with his lean trim body, matching with Kayden's hot built body and thick dick. Jonny pushing Kayden's head down onto his long shaft, stretching his throat as he goes. Fingering Jonny and getting him ready for his thick shaft and long dick, Kayden goes to town on Jonny's smooth hole, giving us perfect visibility as Jonny's stretched around Kayden's meat, fucking him hard
Jonny Kingdom and Tyson Tyler
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Description: Ashley has found a mate of his walking down by the Thames, Tyson from his first movie "Snatch." He tells him about the game and Tyson is really up for fucking this guy so they go back to the studio and Tyson screws the ass off Jonny. Tyson fucks him in many positions and plows his big cock deep into Jonny's tight hole. Tyson fucks him faster and faster until he is about to shoot and then pulls out his dick rips of the condom and shoots hot spunk all over Jonny. Eager to keep playing the game, Tyson picks a card hoping that is red and it is. Jonny is relieved that he won't have to be fucked again and helps Ashley to tie Tyson to the red bench. Ashley heads out again into the London streets.
Mark Coxx and Jonny Kingdom
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Description: Ashley is out in London again looking for a top. His cameraman sees a guy buying an ice cream and Ashley runs over. They find out he's called Jonny and they tell him about Mark. They take Jonny back and he gets straight onto Mark's hot mouth and ass straight away. Mark sucks down on Jonny's thick cock and as he has never been fucked before Mark's tight ass is ripped open by Jonny's cock. Jonny fucks him good and shoots his load over his back. Ashley then tells Jonny that he has to play the game and offers him the two cards; Jonny *********ly picks one and it's red. Ashley unties Mark and gives his place on the bench to Jonny. They tie him up, blindfold him, and leave.
Jonny Kingdom Wanking Solo
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Description: When I meet new guys I sometimes think I immediately know whether they'll be great on film or not. But although I thought Jonny Kingdom might be a little too shy to put on a great show, I was definitely wrong! The 27 year old gay lad from Essex has a hot body, with some really sexy scruff. And when he gets naked and starts playing with his uncut cock we see that he's a grower, wanking his hard one until his thick wad splashes out!