Jesse Dalton Massaged
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Added: 09 Jul 09
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Description: Ruggedly handsome, Jesse Dalton saddles up to my massage table. He lies face down and I begin to saturate him with massage oil. Working his wide back and firm buttocks I can feel the stress start to release from his muscles. I start to play with his furry ass, teasing his hole with my fingertips and then my tongue and while the pressure is releasing from his muscles it s growing elsewhere. I reach underneath him and start to stroke his cock while I continue to explore his ass. Before things get too carried away, Jesse flips over and it s time now to massage his hairy chest and arms. I love the feel of fur sliding through my fingers, which eventually find their way back to his beautiful cock. I tug, rub, and suck on his thick dick until Jesse can t take it anymore, cumming into my hands and onto his abs.
Jesse Dalton and Jake
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Description: Jesse is a Montana cowboy who gets his muscles the natural way, working on the ranch. But his schedule in the big city is a bit different, involving getting sucked, rimmed and deep throated by me, which makes him all the hotter to fuck me. But first I give him a taste of what it s like to be fucked, and unlike back home, where he always rides with a saddle, here he rides bareback. After receiving, Jesse is more than ready to do me, and unloads a hot wad of cum in quick order. But before Jesse rides off into the sunset, he helps me get off my own gusher.
Leo Giamani fucks Jesse Dalton Bareback
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Description: One of our most popular pornstars is back and ready to pound some ass. Leo Giamani, the breathtakingly buff ex-cop sucks and fucks our rugged cowboy, Jesse Dalton. Although Jesse told us he was straight, he handles that ****** cock of Leo's surprisingly well. So well in fact, he can't help but deposit a hefty load onto Leo's chest. Then, side by side Leo shoots a load on those ripped pecs of his too.
Leo Giamani and Jesse Dalton
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Added: 02 Oct 08
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Description: Welcome to Jake's porn school. After Jesse sucks long and deep on Leo's huge tool, novice cocksucker Leo asks for advice. Jake tutors him in proper sucking technique, with a special seminar in rimming thrown in for good measure. (This really IS an educational film.) After some extra credit work, Jake shoots his load and leaves Jesse and Leo to their own devices. They demonstrate their new sucking prowess, then Leo moves inside and fucks Jesse bareback in a long and leisurely manner. Proving they have both learned their lessons well, they each deposit a hearty cum load on Leo's chest.