Paul Jerrod and Jake
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Description: Paul Jerrod is a straight southern cutie. You can tell he's straight from that tan. A gay man wouldn't be caught dead with those lines! Personally I think it's hot. Getting back on track, Paul is a great kisser, which is one of my biggest turn-ons. He's not half bad at sucking cock either, especially for a straight boy. Where Paul really shines though is pounding my ass. He goes to town on my bottom and I love every second of it. After he's done riding me we come side-by-side, all the while kissing and teasing each other. With a thick southern drawl Paul exclaims
Paul Jerrod Solo
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Description: If you ever need a plumber, we can highly recommend Paul. This guy clearly knows how to handle his tool, and he s very open to showing us his own plumbing, front and back. It doesn t hurt that he s easy on the eyes, with an athletic, somewhat hairy body. Plus, it s clear he really enjoys his work, and he devotes himself to his job with intensity and focus. Boy, does his effort pay off - his cum shot is a veritable geyser that shoots from groin to neck. So if you need help with your plumbing, give Paul a call.