Tommy Tugs Out a load
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Added: 13 Apr 13
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Description: Taking off his sneakers and removing his pants completely, Tommy strips off his black briefs and frees his stiff, cut cock from it's cotton prison! Playing with his prize, he turns around and bends over. Keeping one hand on his fat cock he uses the other to spread his hairy butt cheeks and display his juicy hole!
Tripp Tucker Ass Play
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Added: 28 Feb 13
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Duration: 0:02:03
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Description: Tripp is a self proclaimed chronic masturbator, jerking off three, even five times a day! He says he's even interested in some light bondage, maybe getting tied to the bed, or doing the tying, handcuffs and all! He slips off his pants and treats us to a demonstration! Flashing his devilish smile he presents us with a handful of stiff hard cock. He lifts his ankles in the air and shows off his smooth pink butthole! He plays and teases himself, first sliding one finger in, then two. Tripp gasps, his face lighting up as each finger slides in a bit deeper.
Walker's Toy Fleshjack!
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Added: 30 Jan 13
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Description: Walker pulls his sexy black briefs off over his sneakers and lubes up his fuck toy. Inserting his erect cock into the greasy opening causes him to gasp for breath. He slides it up and down, using it to massage his dick and paying special attention to the head of his cock!