Gettin' Some - Seth and Anthony David
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Description: Anthony David comes up behind Seth who seems to be watching some porn on his computer. Despite a rather sweet face, Seth is a heavily-tattooed street thug. Despite more innocent looks, Anthony is a hungry little cocksucker who drops to his knees and gets busy. Seth's gently-curved cock turns out to be as beautiful as his tattoos are ugly. Moving from the desk chair to the bed, Seth remains intent on his porn while Anthony remains intent on Seth's cock. Anthony is a very, very eager, even relentless, cocksucker. The camera once again provides up close and personal views of both the blow job and Seth's satisfied face.After Anthony has gotten himself pretty hard by blowing Seth, Seth rather gamely feels him up and even jacks him a little. During their relaxed side-by-side jerk off, Anthony gets incredibly hard, keeping his eyes fixed on Seth's cock. When Seth starts producing precum, Anthony just can't resist tasting it, which goads Seth into seriously fucking his willing cocksucker's fac
Rimming Lucas' hairy ass
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Description: After his happy-ending massage, Lucas was ready to forge on and try the next step in his guy-guy experiences. But it didn't come without a challenge or two for me. For starters, Lucas had never gotten off by a blowjob before. Ever. And judging by the size of his dick, there was definitely going be some testing done to my gag reflex. After sucking on Lucas' cock and getting it nice and hard, I pushed back his legs, giving his muscular ass some attention with my tongue. He responded by squeezing his eyes shut, grabbing the back of my head and pushing it deeper between his cheeks.
Flip Fucking
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Description: Dayton face fucks him while gently pinching and tugging his pierced nipples. Dayton slides in between his legs and sucks his cock for a few minutes before gliding his stiff dick deep into Derek's rectum. Derek flips over and shoves his ass in the air, awaiting the penetration from Dayton's pink stiff. Dayton spits on his hole then jams his cock deep into the velvet hallway. As Derek lies on his side, Dayton slides in, yet again, and pounds moans and grunts out of his partner. Dayton grabs his own discarded jock stuffing it in Derek's mouth to muffle the sounds. As Derek's prostate is pummeled, he jerks his own cock and a river of white cum spews from it dripping onto his jock and hairy stomach. Dayton kneels above him and sprays jizz over his taint and hole, covering it in a light glaze. Dayton begins licking it up, cleaning up his mess. After which, he climbs on top of his hairy buddy and snowballs his cum back into Derek's mouth.