Evening encounter with Jean-Daniel & Jason Clark
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Description: Everyones favorite bespectacled Hungarian is back today in this night scene with Jean-Daniel, filmed by Marty Stevens in our Budapest studio.
Hung stud shoots rope after rope
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Description: Augustus Cross is a hot Texas bred muscled stud who wants to step out and make his porn debut. There are few things as hot as watching thick man hands working up a bulge in a pair of jeans. But pretty soon, Augustus' jeans run out of room, and he needs to release his hot thick cock for some hands on stroking action. Augustus' thick veined cock gets a good stroking as he lays back to really get into the action. Once he flips over and shows his assets off though, things really start to heat up. His beautiful ass looks so nice when if flexes, begging for somebody's hands to grab his cheeks. Once he flips over and goes into high gear though, his cum shot is amazing. Huge shots, one after the other as his hot cock launches them into orbit. It makes one wonder what it would be like to slurp up some of that goo and get a taste.
Jizz Lands And Drips on Tanner's Tongue
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Description: Giovanni's eyes roll back in his head, sighing as he reclines even more into the chair while giving way to the professional throating techniques of elite veteran cocksucker Tanner. After a good session of cock swallowing while sitting, Giovanni stands at attention while grabbing Tanner's head and pushing his cock balls-deep into his tender, insatiable mouth. With each determined thrust, Giovanni facefucks closer and closer to the precipice, as hot liquid ropes of pearly white joy juice rip from his armed f*rces and land all over Tanner's tongue, face and jeans. The sheer amount of jizz that fires from this commander's ass*ult rifle really blows Tanner and myself away. Who knew it was even possible to pack this much heat!
Chocolately Hunk Leo Bell
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Description: As he slides the foreskin back, the purple head pops out, looking angry and ready for a fight. Pulling off his thermal shirt, his rock hard body tells the story of a man who spends a lot of time at the gym. His slightly furry pecs follow a treasure trail over the ripples of his abs and down to the thick dong he's pleasuring. He eases his tight jeans down to his ankles, revealing thick, muscular legs, slightly covered in hair. He grabs his balls and pulls as he begins to stroke faster. Pre-cum begins to ooze from the tip of his cock, which he tastes, as if by habit. Every muscle in his body seems to tense as he begins to breathe deeply, faster. A river of jizz rolls from the end of his dick, into the matted, curly, black patch of pubic hair as he convulses multiple times.
Clayton Rails Seth
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Tags: Good things really do come in small packages especially when that particular package is REALLY packing! Fresh on the scene is smoking hot Clayton. This Adonis is oozing uber-hot sex appeal. You could do your laundry on his washboard abs and then hang it

Description: Good things really do come in small packages, especially when that particular package is REALLY packing! Fresh on the scene is smoking hot Clayton. This Adonis is oozing uber-hot sex appeal. You could do your laundry on his washboard abs and then hang it to dry on his swollen, beautiful biceps. This sexy fucker came all the way from the East Coast to show that those small of stature are definitely mighty in the sack. Up for the task is my favorite furry otter, Seth. Who is always down for a good time! Now Seth is a chest man and has a soft spot for a 5 o'clock shadow (especially when it is scratching him on his inner thighs). There is some serious chemistry between these two hairy hotties. When the shirts peel off, they reveal two screaming fuzzy chests, just begging to be manhandled. But when the jeans slide off, out come 2 big beautiful cocks and a whole lot of bush! Clayton rails Seth harder than any guy twice his size, and this lucky twink couldn't be happier.
Twink sucks Tony's Big Cock
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Description: When Marten first started talking to me about doing porn two years ago, he wasn't interested in doing anything with guys. I can see his cock swelling against the blue denim jeans. I take the opportunity to grab a handful of his firm white ass cheek, easing my finger near his hair lined hole. As he continues bobbing on my dick, he dry humps me, rubbing his hardon up and down my hairy thigh. I flip him onto his back and jam my cock down his eager throat, jerking his boner for him. A few seconds later, I unload inside his wide open mouth, feeding him my warm jizz fresh from the tap. I manage to land some on his cheek, with the rest squirting beyond his face and landing on the floor.
jean franko and aitor
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Description: This week we bring you another hard and dominant Fuckermate session with Jean Franko and Aitor Bravo. Jean is one hot, hard dominant top. He expects that his bottom boys do exactly what he orders. Aitor is the perfect bottom for Jean, he is willing, submissive and cock hungry. Aitor is obedient Jean knows it. He uses his mouth and ass as he pleases. This is a passionate encounter with deep rimming, sweaty domination and of course two hot and muscled Fuckermates.
Doing the Trick - Diego Velasco and Juan Pene
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Description: Good looking boyish Juan Pene is sitting by himself with a goofy-looking Diego Velasco accuses him of waiting for sex. It may not be true, but why not let it happen? So, Jean works hard on Diego's ultra-thick cock. It's bigger than his face! At least as impressive is how it fits in the tiny Juan's ass, but Diego gives him a very good penetrating ass whomp with his weapon.
Hot Roommates Hook Up
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Description: This guy was relaxing on his couch checking out a hot magazine and rubbing his cock through his jeans. When his roommate came home and caught him in the act. Instead of being embarrassed he pulled his cock out. He showed it to his roommate who attacked it like a hungry hyena. The two quickly got naked and things got very horny and kinky.
Amateurs Nic and Timothy
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Description: Twink fans, rejoice! We have two of our sexiest twinks, Nic and Timothy, back again and both are super excited and ready to get down to business! The boys hit the bedroom right away and start with some passionate kissing. They peel off their shirts and jeans and have a bit of fun poking their already-hard dicks inside of their undies. You know its gonna be hot with dicks that big!
FUCKING KRIS SERIES - PART1 Kris Evans,Adam Archuleta & Jean-Daniel flip-flop
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Description: Today marks the beginning of our 'Fucking Kris' series. We were originally planning to show you Kris and Rhys as the opening scene, but then decided it would be better to open with a 3way with some more established stars.
MMA Fighter Strokes One Out
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Description: He's got ripples of muscles everywhere and his naturally hairy chest is a huge turn on. With his shirt off and a chest covered in tattoos showing, he reaches under his jeans and starts stroking. Unzipping his jeans reveals a stiff dick surrounded by a perfectly natural bush of light brown pubic hair. He continues jerking his meat for a few minutes before he decides to get completely undressed. As he stands to remove his jeans, his stiff dong hangs away from his body, bouncing as he takes each leg off. He lays back again and begins working on pumping some cum out of his cock. But before he's ready for that, he has a little trick; he starts humping one of the pillows. His round ass cheeks bobbing while his dick rubs against the fine cotton. When he rolls back to recline, he's ready to pop. His abs tighten and a droplet of semen shoots up to his chest. He grunts and multiple jets of juice spray onto his rippled cum gutters while his balls contract.
Estim in jeans
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Description: While I was watching some hot bareback Czech action I was putting estim on my cock... jeans on my knees and cum.
Eating out Hugh's tight pink hole
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Description: It's great having guys like Hugh around. He is always horny and ready to blow a load. Even if he's already jerked off 2-3 times that morning, you can count on him wanting to go for round four in the afternoon. Hugh had said he loves getting a good blowjob, but, of course, he hasn't found many girls who can do the job well. After peeling his jeans off, it took just a couple turns of deep-throating his cock before it was standing rock hard, with Hugh grabbing the back of my head, moaning in appreciation as my mouth worked his shaft. My tongue made its way down his balls which made Hugh's moaning get even louder, so I moved further down, eventually pushing his legs back to expose his pink hole. Hugh's head rolled back, mouth wide open in ecstasy, as I went back and forth between rimming him and teasing his ass with my finger. I half-joked with him that he had better stand up before I pulled my dick out and fucked him.
Muscle Stud Devin Strokes His Hot Cock
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Description: Seemingly frustrated by confinement, Devin's upper lip curls into a snarl and he quickly releases himself from his shirt. Hiding under said shirt lay a set of immaculate pecs and a broad sun kissed chest. Apparently his jeans were becoming too tight to bear as well. He slides his tree trunk thick thighs free and immediately spits into his hand and starts to tug a big pink dick. Completely ignoring the pair of jeans still dangling around his ankles, Devin gets to work. No mercy today for Devin's cock, or his hole for that matter. As Devin's comfort level rises, inhibitions are lost, and his fingers start to disappear. When Devin is on his back and has both hands free to concentrate on the matter at hand, he pushes closer to the edge. After a good round of manhandling his cock, spitting, snarling, and cussing Devin finally peaks and blows his thick load all the way up to his neck. Panting and smiling, the sneer gone from his lips Devin completes his task and sighs with relief.
J. Salaz and Moises Franco
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Description: Rather than cleaning the kitchen, J.Salaz is getting horny looking at a porn magazine. Now Moises is angry because J.Salaz isn't working hard enough. But J.Salaz surprises Moises by pissing in his jeans and on Moises. Now the Spanish muscle bear gets his revenge by fucking J.Salaz for being disrespectful.
Skater Bareback
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Description: Blue jeans, ball caps, sneakers and two cute twinks Kyle and Joshua shed off those items one by one in a passionate horny game of bareback skater bareback boy sex gone mad! Boys will be boys!
Personal Time - Johnny B
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Description: It's getting hot in here,¡¨ says Johnny B. Johnson as he strips off his shirt and slips a porno into the VCR. Revealing his hairy chest, this young Val Kilmer look-a-like, sticks his hand down his jeans and massages his cock. This boy has big arms and a big thick cock that he loves to show off. As Johnny takes hold of his cock and jacks it up and down it¡¦s thick shaft, he licks his fingers and uses his saliva as lube. And he also likes the taste of his pre cum. Who doesn¡¦t? It¡¦s not long before this boy is writhing around and a thick stream of cum oozes from his thick dick all over his abs and his fingers, still firmly grasping his member. Rolling it around into his hand he licks the thick pool of love juice into his mouth and swallows.
Muscle Daddy Gets Railed
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Description: George's hairy stiff cock; which he immediately swallows whole. As Caleb's cock continues to swell under his jeans, he decides to get rid of them. Now that his cock is let loose, it finds its way into George's inviting man-cave. Caleb slams it deep into George's ass and continues pumping away while George moans. Now George gets on all fours, offering his ass from behind to Caleb - still wearing the jockstrap. Caleb jams his member into George, grabbing the jockstrap for traction. As George gets the reaming of his life, he looks back to see the hot, hairy, tattooed stud that's having his way. Caleb loves the attention and pulls out, ready to cum. George opens wide so that he can receive his oral reward, which Caleb happily dumps into his maw. As George continues to stroke his own cock, white ropes jump from the tip onto his furry, ripped stomach. Caleb happily dives in and cleans up the mess with his tongue.
Straight Young Dude with HUGE Cock
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Description: The jeans slide off his long, hairy, lean runner's legs and expose a beautifully unkempt bush. He rocks his thick cock to and fro until the swollen monster is stiff as a board. With my trusty tape, we are both pleased with how Gary measures up and I let him get back to business. Well, of course after my hand indulges in a few lingering moments around his thick cock. Gary gets a little more comfortable and reclines against the pillows with his legs splayed open so I can get just the slightest glimpse of his hairy young ass. Faster and faster he strokes, until Gary falls back and long white straight boy ropes swing out of his fat tip. With his big dick and cum shot like that, Gary is going to go a long, long way.
Casting Couch - Dean Rogers
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Description: Dean starts stroking his impressive package cased in tight, tight blue jeans. A huge cock begins emerging under its wraps until he unbuttons and reveals a big thick schlong right under a big beautiful huge natural pubic bush. He plays with his dick piercing and comes to full attention. Dean pulls off his shirt; exposing a sleek man coat of chest hair, perky nipples that he cant stop touching, and a rock hard working man's stomach. He then slips off his jeans so he can wrap his hand around his sack and give his balls a good tugging. All the while flopping his big ol' sausage around and slapping himself in the thigh. His hairy chest and broad shoulders look so good as Dean beats his meat, I again start to wonder how good they will look with load dripping off of them. Already at the edge, Dean cranks a giant jizz rocket onto his hairy six pack, and before I can even get close, Dean starts eating it like he is at a holiday buffet. I hope he is hungry in a few days, I just might have the
Exposing His Pink Virgin Hole
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Description: He rubs his monster to full salute and pulls his tight jeans down even further to let his heavy low hanging balls breathe. Holden gets more intense as his fire pole gets as hard as it can. He strokes the shaft and rubs the tip relishing every second of his self pleasure. He climbs up on his knees and spreads his taut cheeks apart, exposing a pink virgin hole. Excited, his jerking quickens as his finger does some exploring around the rim of his pucker. On his back, Holden Holden runs his fingertips over his perfectly quaffed blonde pubes and grabs his dick with more severity. His big balls begin bouncing faster than ever, begging to be drained of their heavy load. Finally Holden spews forth a gummy white rocket, shooting from the tip and trickling down his hands.
Jean Fucks Edourd
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Duration: 0:05:10
Tags: bareback breeding euro interracial skin head big cocks uncut

Description: Orion walks in on Joshua enjoying a post work-out beat-off and decides to help a buddy out.
Jean-Danile & Phillipe Gaudin
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Added: 04 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:01:02
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Description: We travel to South Africa mainly to escape the bad weather in Europe over the summer. Sometimes however things don't always go according to plan. The day planned for filming this scene in one of those occasions. After several scenes with some of our Freshmen, today we have a scene with 2 of our more experienced boys. Jean-Daniel and Phillipe luckily know how to make the most of a rainy day.Nobody does it like BelAmiOnline.com!
Corporal Ahdem and Firefighter Ryler
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Added: 11 Aug 14
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Duration: 0:06:00
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Description: As Ahdem slobbers and sucks, Ryler moans and strokes his Marine buddy's blond hair. Ryler doesn't want to miss out on the pink pleasure in Ahdem's pants. With Ahdem upright, Ryler eases his jeans down and stuffs the stiffy into his wet mouth, spitting and sucking happily. As Ahdem lays back, Ryler flips his legs above Ahdem's head so they can 69. As Ahdem grasps Ryler ass cheeks, pulling his cock closer to the back of his throat, Ryler exclaims, "I'm gonna cum!" Ahdem opens wide as spunk sprays deep to the back of his throat. Ryler helps his buddy out with a little more oral encouragement before Ahdem blows his load all over his cheek; a white river of jiz trailing down from his cheek to his Adam's apple.