Jasper Robinson Fucks Asher Hawk
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Description: Jasper Robinson and Asher Hawk met at one of our Cockyboys nights out in the city and it was no secret to anyone that they spent the whole night flirting on the dance floor. The chemistry between them was getting stronger by the second and I knew this would lead to an epic fuck. Fast forward a couple of days, Jasper and Asher are finally alone and they are eager to go at it. Asher admits that he loves big dicks and Jasper isn't shy about admitting he has one. The making out quickly turned into sloppy blow jobs but what Asher really wanted was to take that big dick in both of his holes and he was going to do anything to get it. Jasper was more than happy to give it to him because as he said he loves a masculine bottom who can really take it. After licking and spitting on Asher's hole to get it ready, Jasper finally shoves his big dick all the way in and plows him long and hard in every imaginable position. I wasn't really surprised but I was definitely impressed - Asher took it like a t
Meeting Jasper
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Description: Levi Karter and Jasper Robinson start by hanging out in their hotel room, chatting, flirting, naked. After hanging out for a bit, they head over to the adult video booth to stroke off and suck each others' cocks, and Jasper shoots a huge load all over himself (that's one cum-- we're keeping count). Levi and Jasper decide to go home and take a shower to clean up. It was obvious that they were really into each other because neither one of them could hide their monster dicks, which were both rock hard the whole time. After the shower, Levi and Jasper went into the bedroom where they film themselves taking turns sucking each others' huge cocks. It didn't take long before they both shot their massive loads-- right into the camera (three cums!)! But the fun wasn't over yet! The boys went out again the next night and Jasper got to meet our very own Frankie V. They flirted for a bit and it didn't take a scientist to know that fucking was inevitable. Back in the hotel room, Jasper and Frankie c
Jasper James Gets Fingered
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Description: Taking it a little further, I gently enter his anal cavity with my finger. He seems to like it, so I have no problem helping out this sexy guy. He pounds at his boner intensely and I sense him getting closer to completion. His asshole clenches around my finger, almost as if he intends for it to stay there forever! Jasper then drops his cock, hinting that I should pick it back up. I take his rod into my hand and stroke hard and fast. Not long after, his breathing increases and his ball-sack constricts. Suddenly he explodes several thick pearly white loads up his chest and down his stomach. Ya done good, guy!
Stockroom Fantasy
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Description: We've all had a crush on a fellow co-worker, just hoping to catch him alone at the right time. Jasper Robinson has had his eye on Matthew Keading for a while so while the **** boy is in the back room restocking DVDs Jasper seizes the opportunity to lend a helping hand. Matthew surrenders to Jasper's firm handling and shows how willing he is to please by swallowing Jasper's thick, shaved cock. Leg up and bent over Jasper rams deep into Matthew's hairless hole. Watch the big finish as Jasper is more than happy to clean up Matthew's mess. Starring: Jasper Robinson, Matthew Keading
It’s All Good Wood - Jasper
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Description: Jasper begins his scene teasing the audience about doing “something he never though he would do!” He chokes his chicken for awhile before he does that special thing. But when he does it, wow does this boy cum! You're going to have to watch this scene to see it for yourself!
Boyfriends Propositioned
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Added: 10 Jan 14
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Description: Boyfriends Ryker Madison and Jasper Robinson are out for lunch when they're propositioned by sexy stranger Evan Parker. Left in shock at the thought of opening their relationship, Ryker and Jasper have a decision to make. Watch these three beautiful bare-chested boys venture into uncharted territory in this smoking hot three-way scene.
Getting A Big Dick Deep
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Description: Making out on the floor, Jasper and Aaron share a moment, but it's soon less romantic and more hardcore as Aaron's delicious 9" cock is released for the boy to suck on! He does a great job of it too, earning a sucking from his friend before bending over to get what he really wants! That big dick goes deep, fucking Jasper until Aaron needs to pull out and hose down his hole. With a juicy facial to finish, both boys are left satisfied!
A Sweet And Sticky Load
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Description: Jasper and Ryker are enjoying the filtered sunlight of the forest when their lust for cock takes over and they retreat inside for some action. With big dicks out the lollipop licking boys share something more meaty, sucking and jerking those dicks. But it's the fucking that has Jasper jerking out his wad, and Ryker pulling out of his perfect ass to splash his own juice for the boy to taste too!
Jasper Gives Us Some Hook Up Tips
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Description: Jasper is inviting young twink Robbie over for some fun, and gives us some tips on hooking up with guys in the process. He knows how to snag 'em and bag 'em, with Robbie immediately caught up in a shared cock sucking that results in Jasper getting that big dark dick in his ass and a hot ride on that boner!
How Many Licks Does It Take?
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Added: 05 Aug 13
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Description: When sexy young Robbie makes a suggestion and gets his cock out, Jasper isn't likely to turn it down! He loves to lick something tasty, but he gets more than just something so suck on when that hot bottom boy offers the warmth of his snug ass for his friend to sink his cock into! Robbie gets a great fuck all over the place, ending with a messy cum shower!
Jasper Welcomes New Boy Tanner
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Description: Check out new boy Tanner, a sweet and sexy twink with a hot ass and a need for a big hard dick inside it! Thankfully we have Jasper on hand to give the boys ass the kind of fucking it desperately needs, and once the shared sucking is out of the way that cock is ramming deep and hard and working them both to some big loads!