Guy Jones Massaged
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Added: 02 Apr 11
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Description: There's only one thing hotter than Guy Jones wearing nothing but a white towel. That's Guy Jones after he drops the towel and is lying butt naked on my massage table! His chiseled and compact body, along with his demonstrated skill for fucking and sucking, have made him one of the favorites on As I dripped oil on Guy's back and over that oh-so-tempting ass, I had to restrain myself from immediately sliding my tongue down his hairy crack and into his tasty hole. (Restraint is overrated so I dove right in!) Once Guy flipped over, his growing dick told me he was up for more tantric and less Swedish massage so I added a few signature strokes for good measure! And since the whole point of this rubdown was to provide pleasure, I deep-throated his nice thick piece of meat before concluding our session with a jack-off session that left us both feeling quite satisfied.
Arpad Miklos and Trent Locke
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Added: 20 Nov 10
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Description: If you like your men with plenty of hair and plenty of muscle, this is the video you've been waiting for! Arpad Miklos is a Mediterranean *********** who is big all over, much to the delight of studly Trent Locke. He has no problem swallowing that thick cock before being coaxed into switching to a horizontal position so Arpad can taste and tease Trent's sweet ass (and trust us, Arpad enjoys every second he's down there!) Just when the 69 action reminds you why that's everybody's favorite number, Trent backs right up to Arpad's throbbing dick and that muscle butt takes every inch with a satisfying grin!
Jake Wolfe Solo
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Added: 12 Jan 09
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Description: There's nothing sheepish about Jake Wolfe! Watch him stroke his hot meat muscle!