Amateur Aiden Showing Off
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Description: Aden is a horny, versatile gay amateur guy who is 26 years old with handsome, boy-next-door looks. He absolutely loves jerking himself off and putting on a show, and is totally into getting a video put on AmateursDoIt. His exposed body is hot and sexy, with toned, beautiful muscles. He starts to put his hands all over his body and continues to play with the bulging package underneath his briefs, while giving off a very horny and seductive expression on his face. He goes over to the couch and finally stops teasing by whipping out the part that he's been hiding all this time – his uncut cock. Now almost fully erect, he strokes it with his hand, concentrating on the highly sensitive pinkish head. It peeks out from under his foreskin, getting moist from precum. He peels off his briefs. Now, completely naked, he looks hotter and hornier than ever. He takes some lube and slathers it onto his cock, and resumes jacking off with gusto. His other hand roams over his chest and lingers on
Leon Shaves Then Jacksoff
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Description: Leon sits down and sips on a glass of wine, talking about being new in town and how he is enjoying the gay scene. He says he is a mixed Greek breed and it shows in his dark curly hair and beautiful eyes. When asked to show off his body, he takes off his shirt to expose a lean, toned physique. He shaves most of his body hair but leaves the trail going down to his pants, perhaps as a tease for what he's hiding. The focus shifts to the bulge in front and the buns behind. He puts his hand in his briefs and takes out his cut cock, proudly mentioning that he can get as big as 8.5 inches when he's feeling really hot. He goes into the bathroom and shaves his balls, his muscles flex nicely as he moves. But he wants more heat so he goes into the sauna booth, lubes up, and resumes wanking. He takes a dildo and sucks it before putting it beside his own cock, jerking each one with each hand. Getting even more aroused, he starts fucking himself in the ass with the dildo. The sensation is so in