The Innkeeper: Hotel Italia 2 - Lucas Kazan
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Description: Worshipped by his guests, the innkeeper (Sasha Byazrov) flirts with everyone, but loves no one. Not Arsura (Max Veneziano), not Albafiorita (Vilem Cage), not Fabrizio (Matthias Vannelli), the hunky waiter who's fallen in love with the boss, but settles for the village twinks (Matt Van Dorn). When gruff Ripafratta (Michele Luppo) professes his freedom from the allure of beauty, Sasha sets out to win him over. And win him over he does, teasing the sullen guest, charming him and finally conquering him. Meantime, the suitors take comfort in each other's company (Vilem with Eric Flower; Max with Vilem and Giorgio Salieri); the innkeeper in Fabrizio's arms. THE INNKEEPER - HOTEL ITALIA 2 is based on Carlo Goldoni's famed play, "La locandiera", first staged in 1752. It was filmed in the Tuscan countryside, not far from Florence, in June 2003.
Best Of Tony - Viva Italia!
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Description: Tony sees himself in the camera view screen and starts posing and flexing - he likes what he sees...So do we! His cock seems particularly hard this time - he hasn't busted in over a week! After I suck Tony for a while, I take out my cock and start rubbing it up against his...It doesn't take long for him to blast out a killer load! Viva Italia!
Horny Italian Fuck Buddies
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Description: From the DVD "Sauna Italia". Watch the entire DVD and HUNDREDS more at
Cruising Italia
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Description: Cruising Italia is filmed at one of Italy's best known cruising spots. Watch these hot Italian studs do what they do best. They do say Italian's make the hottest lovers!!!
Sauna Italia
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Description: Dario D'alba returns as a young man who is infaturated with his straight friend. When his friends girlfriend leaves him his fantasy come true, the friend stays over and Dario seduces him then introduces him to the delights of Italian saunas.
Dark Italia
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Description: Submission video. Play-rooms: Diverse S&M situations, spanking, bondage, boots .... and more for your pleasure.
foot fist Napoli 1/10/2010 - msn 1pieinkulo /@/ live it
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Description: piedi di due ragazzi si alternano a sfondarmi il culo. Ti va di ****elo anche tu? mi piace ****i spaccare in due il culo con due mani e piede... contatto msn 1pieinkulo /@/ (NAPOLI)
dildo e fist - napoli sfondamilculo - msn: 1pieinkulo@ live. it
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Description: mi sfondano perbene, se vuoi mettere dildo, mani e piedi anche tu... il contato è
footfist double foot fist - due piedi in culo - fist napoli- sfondamilculo
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Description: due piedi si alternano a sfondarmi. Se ti va di sfondarmi allo stesso modo, il contatto msn è ospito a Napoli kiss!
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Description: Five rising stars and five hot newcomers on vacation on the Italian Riviera. Dario, now a student at NYU, reminisces about his last Summer on the Riviera: the Summer he fell in love, the Summer everything changed.