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Description: I love when I hear the words, "OK, I'll try to bottom...I guess," and a straight boy flips for his first time on camera. The sexy and tan surfer Mark is FINALLY ready to get his ass railed, with his tight cherry popped by Triston's big uncut cock. Triston hears this and of course is ecstatic to fuck a virgin hole for the first time, especially a stud like Mark. Hot Latino Triston begins with some nice body worship and softly kissing Mark's neck. They quickly become more acquainted with cocks in each others' mouths, sucking and slurping galore. Pulling Triston's throbbing cock out of his mouth, Mark turns around and bends over my couch with his ass in the air, ready for his first ass stretching experience. Triston wastes no time and plows into Mark with his uncut manhood, penetrating deep inside. After a sweaty fuck session, they guys are ready to blow their loads. Mark goes first, while still getting fucked! He gushes out a beautiful stream of white cum all over his washboard abs with
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Mike and Ari
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Description: Sexual communication is a tricky thing. Sometimes it's smart to tell your partner what you like but in the case of Mike Martinez and Ari Silvio, these two have figured out how to please one another without a single word being exchanged (at first, that is!). The fun and games gets off to a hot start as they make out as their hands are all over each other, unbuttoning shirts and grabbing each other's crotches. Ari then gets on his knees to swallow Mike's cock before the action moves to the bed and we get to see Mike's more aggressive side. He gets Ari on his back, spreads his legs and sucks his balls. Naturally, this leads to Mike sticking that huge pole of his inside Ari's hungry hole. Check out how many ways a guy can get mounted by another dude! The icing on the cake is made of two generous helpings of cum plus a little sweat.
Guy and Jake
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Description: It has been my great pleasure to appear on-camera several times with the very sexy Guy Jones. I have massaged him and serviced him and now, for the first time, we take things a step further and have the kind of give-and-take sexual experience that left me dripping with excitement. Guy has a fabulously beefy body, a beautiful bubble butt and a nice, thick cock. No wonder he is one of the favorites on this site as well as CockSureMen.com. We took things nice and slow, starting off with a hot make-out session before taking turns sucking each other's dick. I love rimming Guy which was the perfect appetizer for the main course of getting lubed up and inside that hot ass. It was such a turn-on watching him shoot his load all over his six-pack before adding my cum to the mix.
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Description: Alpha fisters Attila and Boris Karloff take turns fucking their pig bottom Omnipervert before shoving both of their fists deep inside his ass and fucking the cum into him.
Country Bareback
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Description: While out for a romantic country stroll, Will Forbes and his cute boyfriend are overcome with desire and stop for a snog and fuck session. Will drops to his knees and sucks on his lover's tool and some expert rimming from Will lubricates the willing fuck hole enough so he can slip his cock inside. The lovers swap roles and Will rides his lover cowboy, shooting his muck then licking it off his boyfriend's neck before kissing him with his sticky lips.
Just 18!
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Description: 7.5" long and 6" around, even in this business that is impressive! Mick deeply sighs as I grasp his meat and slide up and down. He can't keep from unbuttoning my fly and swallowing my super hard dick all the way to his vocal chords! His mouth feels like heaven with my throbbing hard-on deep inside, as I continue reaching down to jerk him off. Finally I stand up and scre*m out as I launch rope after rope of salty joy-juice all over his furry face. Mick finally has a chance to work on himself as he reclines in the chair and jacks faster and faster unti his cock bursts a pint of sperm stew all over his tight stomach and chest. I can't wait to see what kind of damage this k*d can do to another b*y's hole!
Man On Twink: Tommy Defendi + Max Carter
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Description: Max Carter reminisces about the time he got to live out his ultimate fantasy by putting the moves on a hunky fashion photographer. The blond boy shows up for what he thinks is a routine photo shoot only to find Tommy Defendi behind the camera! The twink's eyes light up as he can't resist the muscles bulging through Tommy's shirt and the thought of his famous thick cock inside of him. Max immediately starts putting the moves on the older man, getting Tommy to undress while playfully flirting with the hot daddy. The blond boy's considerable charm has Tommy hooked and the two handsome men proceed to get it on right there in the studio for a hard pounding, loud moaning fantasy fuck that will have all jock and twink lovers begging for more.
Jeremy Torrez and Mike Anders
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Description: Latin, uncut top Jeremy Torrez makes good use of Mike Anders' mouth, cock slapping and face fucking it before focusing on turning Mike's asshole inside out and showering it with jizz.
Pig Painters
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Description: These pigs were hired to paint the living room, but all they did was paint the insides of Preston Johnson's ass with cum.
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Description: Anibal is a tall guy with a big dick. The only thing about him bigger than his dick, in fact, is his desire to take huge, black cock into his mouth and up his hole. Julian Real is all about satisfying that desire. His cock looks to be about the same size as Anibal's forearm except it might be a little thicker. Anibal's cock is hard just from sucking on Julian's giant prick. It makes you excited to see what happens when that heavy foreskin gets peeled back and that black snake is up the twink's little hole. After giving it some fingering, Julian lets Anibal slide his tight hole down the length of an altogether too-fat cock. It takes some concerted effort to get it all in, but neither of these guys seems to mind the work. The look on Anibal's face is one of pure ecstasy as he slowly gets further and further down the giant black bone that is inside him. Julian helps him out with some hard upthrusts and gets nearly all of an impossibly girthy dong inside that tight hole.
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Description: Have you ever heard the joke, “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” Because with Gustavo Alves, it's not a joke. His cock comes straight out the pocket of his jeans and Martino Paiva can't help but notice. When he finally gets it out of those pants, his hands barely reach all the way around. Gustavo just sits back and lets him play with it and it's some hot play. While watching a little guy suck a big dick is always hot, Gustavo's prick is so giant, that I could hardly wait to see him shove it up this twink's hot hole. The finger fucking that Martino gets before he finally gets opened up fully by that big prick, though, offered some patience. When you see Gustavo's dick slide up along Paiva's back, you wonder how it could ever go that deeply inside of anyone. When Gustavo puts it in, though, it all disappears. Gustavo clearly enjoys having some tight ass wrapped around his dick and Martino's face makes it clear he's loving the challenge of such a big dick in
Neighborly Twink Fuck Part 2
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Description: Sandwiched in between the daddies, Toraemon gets himself ready to satisfy these two. As the pair work on the youngster, the boy does make twitching a very sexy sight. With Toraemon's hole on full display, they show him how an ass should be worked. Lubing up “the ringer,” they discuss how the bottom is a size queen; he shows with his hands how big he likes his plugs. While Toraemon plays with the rings, the bottom moans with enjoyment. Up and gloved, Toraemon jerks for a bit and then “dives” in. From the get go, the top pumps away easily; the other daddy works the bottom's nipples. As the trio toil together “polishing the silver,” the thrusting goes faster; looks like Toraemon has the bottom “standing at attention.” Pulling of his condom quickly, Toraemon spews all over the inside of the bottom's thigh, dripping onto the floor.
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Young Furry Daddy Gets Fucked by Lean Stud
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Description: Triston straddles George's chest and feeds him his thick Latin dick, while George eagerly swallows it down over and over. Next, Triston pulls his cock from George's stretched lips and holds his legs above his head while jamming that big dick in his furry brown-eye all the way to the swollen balls. George continuously moans for minutes while taking every veiny inch sliding in and out of his clasping rectal grip. Next Triston plugs his hole from the side plunging deep inside and letting George's velvet goldmine collapse around his girth before ripping it out again. All of this sensual friction brings Triston to the edge and he quicky gets his dick out of George fast enough to dump spurt after chunky spurt into his ravenous mouth, which sucks every last drop from his urethra and even tongues around in his foreskin for remnants of his salty white fluid.