Striptease XMAS 2009 Yumbo,Ingles,Construction Bar
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Added: 23 May 12
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Description: Here's the converted+rotated video of the original, which I uploaded in here a few years ago. Now you can watch it "normally". :) "Alex from Brazil" doing a striptease at Construction Bar, Yumbo Centrum, Playa Del Ingles, on XMAS eve 2009.
No hablo ingles
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Added: 28 Feb 12
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Description: The amazing Buenos Aires cityscape is the backdrop for this scene which was filmed on the balcony of a luxury high rise and features 2 brand new models that responded to our talent search email.
Playa Del Ingles,Yumbo,XMAS 2009
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Added: 27 Jan 10
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Description: Alex from Brazil doing a striptease at the Construction Bar,Yumbo,Playa Del Ingles on XMAS EVE 2009 ! Sorry,you gotta either.. turn your head,or monitor.. a bit .. ;) Shot with my mobilephone..
comienzo de la follada de mi amigo
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Added: 06 May 09
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Description: aki dejo como mi peazo de amigo con ese rabo comienza a abrirse hueco en mi culo. escribo en español xq el ingle ando cortito jeje espero q os guste, a mi me encantó ojala se repita pronto. un saludo dsd sevilla, spaña