Hot Guys Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones Have Passionate Sex Outside
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Description: Porn Stars Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones show their tender sides while making love in the outdoors of Ibiza. They don't fuck hard but slowly and tenderly while saying, "I love you."
UNCUT COCKS Threesome in Spain
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Description: He's all alone: Jonathan Agassi returns from a brief, solitary vacation away from the island paradise Ibiza only to find it empty and echoing with his calls for attention. He wanders the forgotten streets, filled with still cars and lined with empty shops. A convenient store draws his attention, and while browsing the shelves the quiet is broken by the distant hum of motorcycle engines. Jonathan dashes outside to see Will Helm and Kriss Aston patrolling the streets. They explain to Jonathan that the island is deserted; everyone fled after terrible news was passed down via mass communications. If Jonathan wants to know what it is, he has to follow them. Kriss and Will lead Jonathan back to the home of Issac Jones, who shows him a looping broadcast: the tampering of scientists searching for the elusive Higgs Boson -- the God Particle -- at the CERN facility in Switzerland has caused instability in the Earth's core, and the world will end in six days. These are Jonathan's last days aliv
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Description: Macho lovers Ben Brown and Scott Carter are all about style, and ravaging each other's bodies amongst the crashing waves is what's in store. Ben straddles and mounts Scott's hulking and muscular physique, who gently and playfully fingers Ben's mouth and plays with his lips. As the water splashes around them, Ben and Scott grind their hard bodies against one another, getting both of the muscled hunks hard and excited that they start sucking the erect cocks they're showing off for each other. These are real men in love, and both are attentive to one another's needs. They swallow deep with wet and excited throats before Ben turns Scott around and eats out his asshole. Scott is a towering wall of muscle, but he's a total and submissive bottom, and while the setting sun glows on them, Ben penetrates him from behind in a series of different positions -- on his back, from the side, on all fours. Ben gyrates his pelvis and thrust his hips and he deeply fucks Scott, who takes all of it with ecs
Muscle Bottom Scott Carter Takes Pig Top Bruno Knight's Hard Dick and Hot Piss
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Description: British pornstar Bruno Knight takes charge in every situation: he pulls over on the side of the road to take a piss, but instead of just relieving himself, he decides he's going to humiliate his passenger, Scott Carter, first. Scott gets out of the car and drops to his knees, waiting for Bruno to treat him like a urine whore. Bruno whips his dick out and starts shooting a stream -- Scott has his mouth open wide, begging for every last drop. Scott follows his yellow bath up with taking out his own dick: he's hard and Bruno slips the gay pornstar's uncut cock down his throat, sucking on and getting him excited before turning him around and eating his ass out. Bruno is anxious to fuck shortly after, and Scott doesn't stop him from slipping his hard dick up his ass. Both Bruno and Scott are big and muscular, and Bruno's powerful frame slamming into Scott's ass makes for a hot session of fucking. Afterwards Scott's own bladder pops: he shoots off a stream of piss at Bruno, who revels in the
Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones Make Passionate Love
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Description: Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones have had their eyes on each for a long time, dreaming and longing to find a way -- any way -- they could run off and experience each other for the first time. They manage to plan a getaway to Ibiza where they make love in the countryside. Wearing nothing but their sensual white briefs, Issac and Jonathan caress and touch their toned and lean bodies, pecking and kissing each other on the lips. Jonathan is in love with Issac, wanting to be with him forever: they express their love physically by sharing in long stints of body contact before Jonathan takes it further and slides Issac's uncut cock past his wet lips and into his mouth. Issac moans and breathes heavily, unable to believe that he finally knows what its like to be inside Jonathan's mouth. They reverse roles and Issac sucks on Jonathan, blowing his cut dick with passion. In an act of loving submission, Jonathan offers his ass to Issac, how kisses the cheeks and licks his hole, preparing it for whe
Bel Ami 3D- Bel Ami
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Description: These two uncut muscle studs get the action started by face fucking each other in an al fresco shower by the pool of a luxury Villa in Ibiza. After drying off, the move inside where Vadim readies Dario by tonguing and then fingering his quivering hole. Dario's uncut cock stays rock-hard the entire time Dario pounds him condom-free. After Dario gets the cum fucked out of him, Vadim flips him on his stomach for more ass-fucking and then splatters Dario's face with a big load that Dario is all-too-eager to lap up.