Amateur Hustler Turns Gay Porn Star
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Description: If you remember the first video with straight guys Chris and Jacob (Jacob was desperate for money,Chris was paying him 50 bucks for a blow job, and both enjoyed the 'male companionship') you'll recall I was talking them into fucking. Well, I succeeded with the help of $500 each. But man, it was a hot fuck scene as these guys have an innocent, raw sexuality. Amateur gay hustler Jacob gets into the ***gy position and takes Chris's huge cock up his ass. He arches his back, grits his teeth and contorts his face but takes his first cock well. Chris then flips him on his back and continues to drive his long rod in. Reaching climax he withdraws and shoots a number of streams of cum onto Jacob's beautiful body. Jacob beats his own cock aggressively and with a grunt and a groan sprays more jizz over his golden six pack. I don't know if it was the $500 or the anal experience, but I may have created a monster.
Nick and Ryan
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Description: When Eddie and I are down at the beach, we meet a guy named Ryan King. He's spending the day skateboarding and just hanging out. This 21 year old doesn't have a job, but picks up some cash doing odd jobs and playing pool. I see if he's down with making some money filming at our studio. He agrees and we head back to the office. At, you never know when you pick a guy up just what is going to happen; I won't even go into the story about the hustler that stole all our equipment, hence, the new camera.