Black Muscle Cock
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Description: Erik Hunter is a big black muscle stud with a thick, 10 inch cock. He walks into a sex party.
Hunter's 9 inch Cock
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Description: This week I want to introduce you to a brand new amateur Australian guy named Hunter. He has those boy-next-door cute looks with his slim build, light brown hair and blue eyes. Hunter also has this innocent aura about him, but let me tell you… this boy packs a pistol! I'm talking about a 9 inch big cock that is loaded and ready for a massive shoot!
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Description: Hunter hasn't appeared in video on the site since September of last year and given his the reception he received at his most recent webcam appearance, I thought I would prop his live show from October as a Live Archive update. Hunter, the chatters, and I had a lot of fun during this show. He's a natural exhibitionist who gets off on the adoration of an audience, and given his... er... "****can" thick cock, Hunter definitely receives lots of love. :-P During the taping, Hunter watched his first MMF bi video. Needless-to-say, he was rock hard and on the verge of ejaculating throughout. Enjoy!
Tease Me, Please Me
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Added: 12 Feb 14
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Description: Hot twink Matthew Keading allows stud Hunter Page to blindfold him and dominate him in this scene. To spice things up Hunter teases Matthew senses with some ticklish, cold and waxy playful toys. Matthew then takes over the situation sucking Hunters 8.5 inch cock, gets fucked until he can't take it anymore and blows his load all over Hunter's chest. Hunter returns the favor by cumming all over Matthew's beautiful face.
Mack and Steve: Abduction and training
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Description: Start where Steve Parker is hand cuffed & thrown into the back of MACK's big black sinister looking windowless van & taken to a secure location across town. He's collared, leashed, & led like a sack of fuck meat behind bars where his shirt is torn off & that beautiful hairy chest & abs we all love so much are shown to you by MACK like a hunters trophy. And then true to form MACK uses & *****s Steve with total disregard for Steve's needs and in doing so Steve gets exactly what he's needed for a long time. The pretty boy is caught jerking off so MACK puts him in a locked chastity belt & leaves him leg ironed to the bars for hours with nothing but a pair of his stinking week old cum & piss stained briefs to make sure “things remain hard” for Steve. Along the way, Steve is humiliated and ******. MACK mercilessly fucks & tortures the sweet unused hole between those amazing fuzzy globular ass cheeks. Every scream & holler of hurt is real as MACK trains Steve to pleasure a Man with his pu
Nude Muscle Worship
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Description: - Evan Jonson is finally in your tub, and you feel your fingers tremble as you touch his flexed arms, his rock hard abs, beautifully formed pecs, and muscular legs... and more!
Free Fur All
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Description: Featuring VenineCub, Phred Black, Smoky McLain, Darrin Hunter, David Marcus, Steve Easton, JBear, J. Maverick, Bourne, Jaccoo, Dexter Palmer, Timo, and T. Brandson, Free Fur All contains some of our hottest , nastiest, most cum-drenched man sex to date! (ENJOY)
Both Holes Filled
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Description: Hunter Gage - A newcomer from Florida decides that he wants Trey's cock in his ass raw! Trey fucks Hunter's ass bareback while Nate takes turns fucking Trey's and Hunter's mouth and even throats. You can tell Hunter loves it and even gags on Nate's big dick. Soon Trey shoots his load deep into Hunter's ass, shortly later Nate cums down Hunter's throat. Hunter chokes up a little on Nate's load but doesn't give a damn and keeps sucking it dry. Hunter is so turned on that soon he shoots his huge load all over his stomach, nuts, dick, and anywhere else his cum could blast!
18 Twink Gets First Handjob in Camper
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Description: - Watch cute and smooth Conor get an expert handjob in caravan. Watch his beautiful thick cock shoot spectacular cumshot following nice jerking off.
Czech Hunter 105
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Description: We have a pretty huge Vietnamese market here in Prague. It's close to the trains stop Holesovice. Although I never buy there something it's still fun to go there as it's always vivid and crowded with young people. And it didn't take long to get into contact with the first young guys. My idea that day was to be more open and plain. Maybe that's why the first two guys rejected my offers. Then I noticed a young guy with a broken toy-chopper in his hand. He told me that he wanted it to be repaired. I offered him money for a new one. So I was in the game. He showed me his dick right there in public. And for a few crowns more he was willing to suck my dick in the nearby park. How far would he go?
Czech Hunter 104
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Description: I have spent the weekend in a small hut in the nearby mountains together with some friends. Always when I come back to Prague from there I have to change the train at a small station at the outskirts. And this was the first time ever I noticed a young guy who tried to sell some contracts to passengers. He looked quite cute so I pretended to be interested in his products. After a while he told me that he gets only paid per contract. And that business was bad the last days. Well, this was almost some sort of invitation for me. I offered him some money so I could check out his body first. He agreed and I soon realized that I liked what I saw. I offered him more for a blow-job. Right at the train-station.
Czech Hunter 100
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Description: I was walking down the Badeniho, a beautiful small street in Prague, when I saw two sportsmen. But they seemed to busy or to literally run away from me. So another guy attracted my attention who was sitting on a park bench near the Spanish embassy. He was quite naive and he appeared to be shy. I was able to talk him into a well-paid blow-job. But although I tried my very best - he didn't agree to do anything more. Tough shit. So I went on to a park and there I met a young boy. I wasn't sure whether he was maybe even gay. He liked to go to theater and was really not talkative. When I seduced him to follow me to a hotel and to give me a blow-job I had to find out that he was a 200% straight.
Czech Hunter 99
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Added: 21 Jan 14
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Description: I like sportsmen a lot. I like soccer boys. I like swimmers. But I LOVE skaters. I cannot even exactly say why. This fetish of mine must have developed in my adolescence. When I walked down the streets of beautiful Prague I came along the national monument. Some typical communist building. Martial and pompous. Nowadays boys hang around in this area. And skaters as well. So I took a closer look and it didn't take long till I spotted the perfect match. Lean, athletic and with typical skater clothes. I started to talk to him. Well, he was a bit curious why I had a cam with me. But I got used to that reaction. After a while I came to the point. And I found out that he was nearly broke. As I said - a good match.
Czech Hunter 124
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Description: I don't know why but the last days I have not been so successful in my „hood“. So I decided to try my luck in the outskirts of Prague. And as you know - I love shopping centers - youngsters like to hang around there. And they like to shop… as long as they have money for it. The guy I met today was really handsome. From my point of view (well, Jiri disagreed, but…) he had the appearance of a model. However, he agreed to take part in my „survey“. So I asked him a lot of private things. And - can you imagine - he asked me whether I was gay? What an affront :-) Well, usually I am not that open. But this time I told him straight away what I wanted. Guess his answer…
Chasing Daydreams
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Description: Follow Luke Allen as he chases his dream boy Hunter Page down the rabbit hole. When Luke catches the hunky Hunter eye-fucking him on a busy street there is an immediate and surreal connection. Hunter shoots the tan cutie a "come-hither" look but quickly vanishes into thin air with Luke in hot pursuit. As Luke is left chasing shadows, Hunter suddenly appears behind him in an empty alley where supernatural and electric chemistry is ready to explode!
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Description: I never leave home without my cam. When I saw a blond cutie in the supermarket I tried to follow him but he somehow „escaped“. Never mind. Another boy caught my attention. I tried to talk to him but he was really unfriendly. Later he told me that there is a promotion team outside the mall which is bothering customers. Well, I explained him that I don't want to sell him something. I just want to offer him good money. He couldn't even believe that I was willing to spend 1,000 crowns for having a look at his cock. He was more than willing and showed it right away. But when I tried to talk him into a blow-job he was much more *********. I really had to make an offer to make him follow me to the toilets.
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Description: I spent the whole day in a small restaurant watching boys at the nearby basketball court. And I almost fall in love with one of them. So after I had three ****s I decided to try my luck. I offered the slim, sportive angel crowns to show me his butt and his body. And yes, he agreed - it was too easy. Then I made the mistake to offer him money for more in front of his friends. I still think he would have agreed but he was too shy as his mates were listening. What a stupid amateur mistake. But then I realized that another boy seemed to be interested. He looked at me and left the court. I followed him and offered a nice amount for a blow-job. For an even nicer amount we went to a remote hotel-room.
Hairy Gays Having Oral Sex
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Added: 06 Jan 14
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Description: What's better than seeing two hairy and very masculine gay bears suck on each other's dicks? John Hunter joins Drew Larson in bed and goes right to work showing off his dick, Drew gives in and starts sucking off every inch his buddy's mature cock.
Matured Gay Goes Down On His Subordinate
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Added: 08 Jan 14
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Description: Rookie cop Drew Larson gets a piece of real cop action as he hits it off with his bad-ass partner, John Hunter. See these guys show off their hunky muscular bodies to tease each other and pull out their rock hard batons to have it grope and deep throated.
Jojo On The Tickle Rack
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Description: Introducing cute and ticklish Asian twink Jojo. This is his first shoot with Laughing Asians. Our long haired Asian boy Hunter is the sadistic tickler who has strapped Jojo down on the tickle rack and puts him through his first tickle torture experience. And boy was he fun!
Dirty Tony Face Fucks Hunter
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Description: He insists he gives a great blowjob and really knows how to please a man even at his young age. Yours truly just so happens to be a great judge of character (and oral too). Outdoor sex, anonymous sex, bukakke, this guy likes it every which way he can get it! He even told me that his fantasy was to be tied to a bed, gagged, and get fucked silly. Did I mention perky nipples? Mmm, I am all over this one. I don't want to spoil the end, but I did get Hunter's eyes to roll back in his head when I glided my fingers deep into his tight hole. He almost came before I could move my camera. Well fans, here's to happy endings and bright futures for guys like Hunter.
Out of Office -- Behind the Scenes
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Added: 29 Jan 14
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Description: It's time to see some hot men in suit, and out of them. Damien Cross lures co-worker Scott Hunter over to his place under the pretense of having forgotten some important stuff in the office and fucks the hell out of him on the kitchen table. Michel Rudin plays another prank to Yohan Banks, this time having discovered his dirty past in porn but the tables turn and the prank develops in a full on fuck in the office desk. Meanwhile, Lee is sent to fix some shelves in another part of the building but the only thing he fixes is his throbbing cock. On another floor, Jake Bolton clumsily knocks a glass of water on his boss, Bruno Fox. Bruno punishes him by fucking him hard on his desk and against the wall. Damien had to go in the office after all, and decides to enjoy a quick after work pint. He spots Kayden in the pub and invites him to the toilet, Kayden joins him and they end up fucking each other's brains out.
Damien Cross and Scott Hunter
Category: Anal Sex / Fucking
Added: 22 Jan 14
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Description: Damien in his boxer shorts, is working at home and calls Scott to ask him to bring some files he left in the office. Scott arrives with the memory stick and another semi stick in his pants. Damien notices and offers him a drink, he makes the tea but when he turns around he has his own cock clearly standing to attention. Scott doesn't miss a beat and he grabs the bull by the horn. Scott sucks him against the kitchen counter, then Damien pushes him against the table, frees his cock and returns the favour before pushing him down, raising his legs and dancing his tongue around Scott's ass, cock and balls. Damien then fucks him in the same position, balls deep until he decides it's time to let Scott do some of the work. He moves to the chair and Scott slowly sits on his throbbing cock, and bobbing up and down while stroking his cock against Damien's stomach until Damien is about to explode and decide to give Scott the milk that was missing from his tea. Scott laps the thick white cum off hi