Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 3
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Description: Uncut Cock Pool Party Scene 3 Lucas Entertainment It's party time! Uncut Cock Pool Party, second title in the popular foreskin-centric series, follows thir**** hot, hung, and horny studs as they suck and fuck each other like crazy. From a poolside orgy to a tryst atop a pool table, the action doesn't get any more hardcore than this - and the dicks don't get any more uncut! It's early morning, and furry-chested Steve Hunt and tattooed cutie Jack Wright wake up and start making breakfast. Horny at the table, Jack starts jacking Steve off - with his feet! After sucking and rimming, the fucking begins, with Jack's low-hanging balls slapping against Steve's fuzzy bunghole before he gives him a facial. Talk about a breakfast of champions!
Cabin Fever
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Description: Heeding the call of the wild, an earthly crew packs up their flannel and heads to an alpine resort to hunt bear.
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Description: Horrible weather and rain. On a day like this there isn't much to do. Boredom usually makes me horny like a bull. So guess what I did. Took my cam and went on for a hunt. But streets has been empty. I approached first dude I've met, he was willing to show me his cock in a phone booth but that was just all the fun I've had with him. I was about to head back home, when I've spotted young and cute dude sitting in front of the small pub under an umbrella. I started to talk to him, he was so gorgeous that I was willing to offer him almost whatever amount of money just to get a chance to pop his young tight and virgin ass. I've talked him into a jerking me off. We went to a toilet inside but as soon as he touched my cock and smiled at me I knew that I have to get him into a hotel room. So I've offered him the biggest reward ever. He was definitely worth of the money. I know you Gents will enjoy him with me.
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Description: It seems that trains stations are my favourite spots to hunt. And yes, they are! Just after I switched on a cam I've met well built young and handsome dude. Talked him into showing me his cock, but unfortunately his train just came, he couldn't miss it. Such a shame. Suddenly there was no one and I've be*** to worry. Until I've spot someone. Young, slim and smiley cute face. Bit shy but easy to talk to. After some usual chat, I went straight to the point. Showed him my huge pile of cash and that really attracted his attention. He was a party goer, therefore I knew he will go with me to the end of the world for the money. After we found a nice and quiet place, he started to jerk me off. He was so concentrated, it almost made me laugh. I've be*** to be so horny and couldn't wait anymore for this to go slowly to blow job part, so I've just told him to suck me. That was very risky and could loose him. What do you think guys, did I loose him?
a066: Lane Returns
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Description: After six years, Lane got back in touch with Straight Fraternity looking to make some extra cash. He's still rugged and handsome, but now has even more muscle and swagger about him. Franco has Lane over to do a screen test in his hunting gear, so he can prove he's still ready to go gay for pay.
Black Cum Hunters - Adrian Corres and Oswaldo Mello
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Description: Another hunter and his prey have found each other in the grass. Oswaldo Mello sees that Adrian Corres has a couple of tanks full of black cum. Maybe he's heard what great success his fellow hunters are having or maybe he just decided to play his luck. Either way, it's panned out for him today. Adrian has a mighty cock that, even though it is a big***, points up when it's hard. Oswaldo's big pecs and inked ***s seem to be enough to get that cock up and ready to go. Oswaldo, just like the other hunters, knows what it takes to collect the big game and he pulls the punches to get the sweet, hot juice out of Adrian's full nuts. Another successful day of hunting.
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Description: A Metro station is always a good place to as I'd say „HUNT“. It's always packed and crowded with lots of dudes for my short but very special interviews. I've tried a different tactic this time. Not just offering money as a motivation but as well some future cooperation and a career in modeling. Some people really believe everything. But I have to admit that this guy was really good-looking and handsome. I could feel the charisma and the inner energy which has been attracting me quite badly. Due to the nice weather I've decided to find some high grounds with a magnificent view so I could enjoy a tight virgin ass and a view over Prague at the same time. His masculine and tattooed body was the right turn on this sunny day.
Antonio and Max UKNM
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Description: Our favourite 'fuck loving criminal' Antonio Garcia is on the hunt for 4 names, 4 men with a secret, the 1st leads him to a dark, dingy sex club and the overly intimate attentions of a go go dancer - Max Duran.
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Added: 03 Jun 14
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Description: Cold and windy weather is killing me. But the need to screw some youngster was stronger than me. I've chosen to hunt in the city centre. It was so cold that I really didn't care who I will approach. Immediately when I've switched on the cam I started to talk to every single guy passing me by. First two, not even that cute, said NO. Well not everyone in Prague wants to be fucked, I guess. I was thinking to change the position but then I met a third guy. Young, bit arrogant but still funny skater boy. He was very self confident about his sex skills, especially with girls and even confessed that he already had one night stand with another dude. Oh man, the vision of money and the wind blown us into the hotel where we had a jacuzzi and we both enjoyed it.
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Description: I was feeling lazy today, so I've decided to go for a sure thing. A train station is always the best pick-up place. Just after few minutes I've got what I wanted. Bit confused, young looking traveller who didn't have an idea where to go. Once again I've used my “ …it's a school project… “ pickup line. We sat down at a small canteen, ordered baked tea and some crepes and started to talk. It was his first time in Prague and he came alone. This just made him the easiest game I've ever hunt down. After a small talk I've shown him the money. That amazed him and he wasn't scared anymore. I saw the GREEN in his eyes and I knew that the greed will make him agree to do things he never even thought of.
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Description: 'Straight' Barebacking Buddies Tim Hunt and Ricy Nova
Cabin Fever
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Description: Heeding the call of the wild, an earthly crew packs up their flannel and heads to an alpine resort to hunt bear.
Prisoner #01172014s12
Category: BDSM and Fetish
Added: 07 May 14
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Description: Having been worked up on the available porn left in the prison our frustrated bitch finds himself working to hunting for any drop of pleasure alotted by his steel chastity device. His balls are strained and the barely accessible tip of his cock does little but draw a pathetic stream of precum. Eventually desperation overtakes him and the real war between him and his chastity ensues. No, we won't be telling you who wins...
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Description: And once again, I'm out here, hunting down my next toy. I've tried my luck with young Alex, I had a great feeling but then he turned me down. As you already know, I never give up and I kept trying. I was walking for almost 3 hours, when I spotted a boy with the hoodie on, waiting for a tram. As I approached him I just knew - THAT'S HIM, jackpot! Cute 19yo hulk and he had it all. Simpleminded, no job, lack of funds, girlfriend who was too busy and…. a naughty mind!  After he realized how much money I have on me, a blow job was just a matter of a few minutes. OMG, this lad from Moravia was a real deal. I tapped his amazingly tight ass and he actually deserved more!
Feeling Him Out - Llucas de Donas and Rico Vidal
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Description: Sporty Rico Vidal is hunting for sex online when he comes across curly-haired Llucas de Donas, who comes over eagerly. Rico licks down Llucas' awesome body to his very thick uncut cock and sucks in luscious close-up. Llucas' enormous curver gets a break while he stuffs Rico's dick into his cheek. After Llucas rims a bit (a rarity in this flicks), his dick is back in action to fuck the clearly rhapsodic Rico with lots of depth. Rico then fucks Llucas, who is able to throw his legs back way far to take Rico's equally deep fuck.
Raw City 2: San Fran Breeders
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Description: Welcome back to raw city! Porn star gone director Nick Moretti has been on the hunt for the hungriest cum holes of San Francisco and man has he scored big time.
Junior and Riu
Category: Latino
Added: 03 Apr 14
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Description: While we are in Rio, we hunt down one of our favorite straight Brazilian tops Junior and pair him with another of our favorite bottom boys Riu.
Bareback  Job Hunt
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Added: 31 Mar 14
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Description: When you need a job with a company that is all about making people happy, you need to show the boss how good you are. That's the case in this scene when a young lad understands that when the boss asks you what you're willing to do for the job, you show him. Down go his trousers and out pops a hard cock and before long they are fucking bareback on the desk and chairs.
Suits Take a Fag Break
Category: Monster Cock (10in+)
Added: 13 May 14
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Description: Matt Surfer and Issac Torrid are businessmen out hunting for a deal but take a little break time to haul cock out of their corporate suits and empty some pressure from their heavy balls. Issac's dress pants are soon around his knees so Matt can go deep up him.
Creaming Zayne's Ass
Category: Bareback
Added: 06 Mar 14
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Description: As you may already know, we're always on the hunt for new models. Before they are placed into a film, they must first come to an interview. Anyways, somehow we set up an interview with Joey. Joey seen that we were packing (moving our office) and offered to help. Later on, Zayne came in for his interview and seen Joey helping out. Zayne mentioned he wanted Joey's dick in his ass. We thought it would be a fantastic opportunity! We caught it!
Cage-Fucked by Huge Boner
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Added: 21 Jan 14
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Description: Paolo has gone out on the hunt for just one thing: he needs to be fucked. The little whore presents his ass in his jockstrap like a piece of meat in a cage and gets what he deserves from Diego Arroyo who washes him down with a jizz shower.
Gang Fucking Gabrielle
Category: Black
Added: 01 Jan 13
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Description: Rudy Scott is on the hunt for some black ass! He's driving around and soon meets up with Rod Williams who's another top. These 2 chill with Gabrielle who's a total 100% bottom. Gabrielle wants their dicks NOW! They head to the bedroom where the action begins. Gabrielle is instantly on his knees slurping some dick. Before you know it, he's on the bed bent over like a pig in heat for some hot dick. These 2 tops tear his ass up with their big anaconda dicks. They're fucking his ass, mouth, and even double dicking his fine ass. They shoot some huge loads creaming face with thick loads.